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weekend complete

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WHAM! The @g_man comes through on the podcast image!

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@undeadpool: If only we thought of that BEFORE the podcast.

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WHat is the Random Trivia about Simon Beasley Undeadpool!

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"I'm no the real Lobo, I'm an impostor."

I didn't make this image, found it.

A few years back Bruce Timm, maybe it was on commentary, said he was never satisfied with how the Flash running effect was done on any of the cartoon versions he worked on.

Gambit also had a past connection with Mister Sinister like Scott and Alex did.

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Yay :)

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@g_man: I know I have brought this up so many times. But I'm gonna have to bring it up. So, i'm sorry about. I am sort of a new reader (reading since 2007 on and off). But I don't think superheroes should always kill. It just I think they should get rid of the impossibility to kill. And that's where I think you're misunderstanding about Superman in Man of Steel. Superman did say he never wants to go down that path of killing in the film. But he was put in a situation where he had to. Does that mean he will always be a killer? No, not really I don't think so. It seems like this Superman is going to learn his lesson and try to never do it again. I think having a superhero to have least killed once makes them more human. Because we as human make mistakes and sometimes we have to go back or against our word/morals in order to move on or become a better person. I also think being a superhero has more of likely chance to ran into killing someone because they are fighting almost every single day and have been doing this for years. So, I feel its impossible for a superhero to have never killed in his lifetime or career. I think the point is to get rid of that perfect score of to never kill is making them more of a human. I think that is the factor that is going around in modern comic books today. I think they are trying to put it in a more realistic sense. I know it's comic books. But I think we need more realism for that. Don't get me wrong I still believe that superheroes shouldn't kill. But running into that as a "never" seems unlikely in my belief.

About the digital sales, I think they have been pretty successful according to titles like Batman Beyond, Justice League Beyond, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Batman '66. So, I think if they follow the same format for obscure characters for 99 cents a week on digital first, it could become more successful like these titles above.

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For some reason I have never listened to a pod cast before despite being on the site for about two years now. I guess it was timing along with the length of the actual podcast. But having listened to this, I definitely say I will tune in for each new podcast from here on out. Was very entertained, thank you both.

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@m3th said:

WHat is the Random Trivia about Simon Beasley Undeadpool!

He provided all of the comic art for the Edgar Wright show "Spaced" (which is an amazing show), so they named the male lead, who is an aspiring comic artist, after him (Tim Beasley).

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I haven't been real big on Villains Month from the get go. First off it interrupts the flow of whatever ongoing you're reading and two, unless you do your homework they seem to be really hit or miss. Luckily I haven't been burnt by what few I've read. Darkseid and Deadshot were good. Count Vertigo and Riddler were great. But going two months without reading Batman or Animal Man really bites a boner. The only plus side to the whole thing is I'm saving money every week at the shop.

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@g_man: @undeadpool: I, for one, thought it was nice to have Trigon's backstory explained, because it had always been vague how he came to be and why Earth was so special in his eyes.

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DC is in such bad shape.

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Mongul did show up in the New 52 @undeadpool. He was seen in the Background when Hal and Sinestro arrested all of the Yellow Lanterns in Green Lantern #05

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Fun podcast as ever, thanks folks.

@G-man Nice one for defending the rewriting of poor Zor-El's history. As regards who traditionally was the elder, Jor or Zor, there's no mention of order in Supergirl's first appearance. I have a vague idea Zor used to be the younger, but that could easily be due to Jor debuting first.

A tiny wee thing, it's Simon Bisley, not Beasley.

@iceslick, I'm not sure you have to kill to be human - most of us manage just fine. And I'm sure any one of us could think of at least a couple of ways movie-Superman could have saved those people without killing Zod. The sanctity of life should be a notion inherent in Clark's character, not something learnt

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@dangermart: I'm not saying you have to kill to be human. I was more in line of a superhero to have already killed someone in his lifetime career. What I mean for him to be human is the choice to make a mistake or do something you didn't want to do. So, for example Superman killing Zod was something he didn't want to do but did it anyway is what makes him human. That would be ridiculous for me to think you have to kill to be human. Because I never killed anyone in my 27 years of life and I'm still human. lol

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Yes, let's discuss that awful Lobo retcon, shall we?!

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At @iceslick - we must agree to differ! That John Byrne issue with Superman killing the Phantom Zone crims is probably my most unfavourite book ever!

@undeadpool Forgot to say, thank you for the Frazer moment! You're a star.

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I woulda sworn Iron Man had a solo book.

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I don't think the comparison around whether or not Avengers or X-Men characters have solo books is like for like - the former team formed from characters who already had their own strips, whereas the latter has tended to debut its members in the mutant titles.

And Tony, honestly, you totally backtracked on that bet with Corey - you were saying you couldn't believe Cyclops ever had so much as a mini; the second it's proven that yes, he did, you went into 'we were arguing about whether he had an ongoing mode'. Pay attention to yourself, sir! :)

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@thefirstlantern said:

is it just me or does @undeadpool sound a lot like @inferiorego

He has a better vocabulary. I'm funnier. DISTINCTION MADE!

Oh, I thought he was the comedian and you were the comic book store owner. Darn I really need to get this straight.

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Personally I would have been perfectly fine with Cuba Gooding Jr playing Daredevil/Matt Murdock (he auditioned). And I would have been fine with Donald Glover playing Peter Parker/Spider-man (my favorite comic book character). As long as the actor gets the part down, like their personality and mannerisms. But if their race plays a big part of their character like Black Panther being a King in Africa, and a descendant of a royal family that has been there for centuries, or Banshee being Irish, or Storm who came from Africa, moved to Egypt and then later moved back and was worshiped as a god by her people, or Magneto being Jewish and living through the Holocaust. The Ultimate comics changed that and that changed the character too much. But a character like Cyclops, or Superman, I am fine with them changing around their race.

@g_man the other thing about Batman killing is that its fictional so they can always find a way to get him away from having to kill. They can always, in any comic, alter the story to keep the character from killing by just not writing it that way. Instead of Superman having to kill Zod maybe he takes Zod back to that space ship he had and their is some science cell type thing that would hold Zod in some sort of cryogenic frozen state or something. I mean its not just fiction but way out there fiction so if a Man can become a Hulk then you can insert a plot device that says the army was working on a cage to hold the Hulk and that is where the Abomination monster ends up after Hulk beats him. You don't have to say that Batman, or Superman, or Captain America has to kill.

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I agree.

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There is several good DD stories to check out.

D.G Chichester W's Fall of G and Fall of the Kingpin (follow up to Born Again and Tyåhoid Mary story). The trades are OOP

Frank Miller's Volume 1-3.

Jeph Loeb's Yellow (follow up to Guardian Devil).

Dennis O'Neil's run.

Ann Nocenti's Typhoid Mary story. The trade is OOP

David Mark's Parts of a Hole and Echo Vision Quest. Parts of a Hole might be OOP not entirely sure.