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No podcast this week?

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Hey Katzman, any podcast this week?

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Fantastic episode :) !!

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Favorite episode ever. Why?

Ok, look...

I like Tony. He is nice, smart and seems to be a genuinely cool and charming fellow. But he can be so, so, tiresome to hear. One thing I didn't miss this week:

"Uhmm, this issue of [whatever]... there's this... uhmm... something happens that... err, I don't wanna spoil but.. uhmm, it was something, ah, I dunno... ehmm... yeah I liked it. It's ... there's a... I dunno, it's just... yeah"

OMG!!! Sometimes four-five times per episode. Sometimes I just want to cry and listen to something else.

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Not too into this podcast. It's great to have you guys getting your voice out there outside of your articles, but the skype-ness made it super awkward. Also everyone saying "lets not spend much time on the books as I've already said what I wanted to in my reviews, go read those" was kind of annoying. I don't read all of the reviews so it is nice to hear people having a conversation on the podcast about a book I'm not following so I know vaguely what is going on. So entirely skipping over discussing most of that weeks comics was kind of annoying as I'm not going to spend time reading reviews for books I don't read.

I'd be okay with this possibly becoming a third seperate podcast for the site, but I missed Corey and Tony's dynamic of being together in a room and discussing that weeks comics one-on-one. Still glad you guys took the initiative to give us a podcast on a week we wouldn't have gotten one.

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