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The things I would do for a Twin Peaks comic...

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@jangcrow: I would write one in a heartbeat if I had the rights.

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But there isn't really a romance in Pacific Rim

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Oh this is gonna be great to listen to while I pack.

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Fun :)

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Okay...wait...what's a Twin Peaks?

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@thefool said:

Okay...wait...what's a Twin Peaks?


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My mouse says this podcast is almost 5 hours long. I love you guys, but that would be insane.

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Sequel to Cliffhanger?

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@missj: And I would read it in a heartbeat. I wish this was an all Twin Peaks podcast.

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is it just me or do some comic covers feel like they would be more accurate on the following issue of a comic? like the cover of fearless defenders issue 5 seems to fit issue 6 better.
I remember times after reading a comic and going "why did they put this cover with it? It looks like it'd (the cover) fit better with the next issue"

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The Hawkeye love makes me so happy.

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I'm liking Jen way more than Babs. Great to have her on the team.

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Boy oh boy do I love Twin Peaks. Love that screen grab.

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@ultimatejonathan: Can't just welcome the fine, new host without bashing someone else? Nice. You are so cool. Once again, welcome to the Vine, Jen. Still miss ya, Sara.

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Great to hear Jen's back; she was good on the last episode.

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@g_man In Green Lantern New Guardians there was Arkillo, the yellow lantern in the first of the series, who's ring spoke for him. So maybe that answers the question as to how the new mute lantern can charge his ring and communicate...!

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@g_man as always love the podcast!!

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@stettsen: Yeah, his tongue was ripped out. Or maybe there'll be someone like the Lorax who speaks for the trees. But he'll speak for the mute Lanterns.

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Another excellent humorous book that should be mentioned is Archer & Armstrong.

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B-but....I love the Inhumans!

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On the topic of comic store selling digital comics. I know when you get the code for the digital issues of Marvel titles you have a dropdown menu to choose what store you bought it from. I'm not sure what Marvel does for that comic store, but I make sure I put my store every time I redeem them!

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Korean Jesus ain't got time fo yo problems, he bisy

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Korean Jesus ain't got time fo yo problems, he bisy

That's easily the best line from the movie.

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@g_man: Huge thanks for the reminder of Beware the Batman airing Saturday. Just watched it and it was excellent. I'm definitely on board. Now if we could only get a quality animated Batman '66...

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Hope everyone listened to the veeeeeery end.

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@g_man said:

Hope everyone listened to the veeeeeery end.

heil yeahhhh

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Question About Grammar & Style for Writing

I couldn't find the original post. I wanted to share some titles that have been recommended to me that have been very helpful references/guidebooks to improve my grammar and style.

  • Elements of Style (Strunk & White) - this is a very small book that is easy to carry with you
  • Chicago Manual of Style - pretty much the definitive grammar guide for published works
  • AP Style Book - this one helps provide consistency on how to punctuate and capitalize words and phrases (e.g., a hyphen is needed to properly write e-mail and Internet should always be capitalized).

Be sure to check used bookstores. The one be me always has copies of Elements of Style and AP Style Book (you don't need the latest versions). Chicago Manual of Style is harder to find used since it is such a great reference guide.

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@harrymcback: Great suggestions! College bookstores are usually good for used copies of style books :)

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Am I the only one who clicked on this because they saw Twin Peaks?

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@g_man I haven't had the chance to listen to the end. Having someone like the Lorax is a great idea Tony! But i hope its not the Lorax himself because he'd probably just grab the seat of his pants and float away if ever a fight came!

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@ultimatejonathan: agree sarah and tony seemed to had some problems on the podcast . jens doing alright

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@g_man Not quite the history of Twin Peaks. Close, but no cigar.

When production started for season 2, David Lynch was absent from the Lynch/Frost collaboration due to his commitments to direct Wild at Heart. The show's quality suffered from this, relying more on the soap opera elements without Lynch's injections of the surreal and esoteric. However the rating still remained strong as viewers still tuned in every week to get clues towards the culprit of the Laura Palmer murder. The writers of the show felt the town and it's characters were the draw of the show, not the mystery. They planned to have the mystery last over several seasons and Lynch never even wanted the mystery to be solved. The executives at ABC, felt otherwise. The demanded a resolution to the mystery and the writers obliged (remember, this was loooong before the TV revolution started by The Sopranos). Only once the killer was revealed did the ratings plummet. Then the show was placed on hiatus, the gulf war happened, and then the finale was dumped on June 10th, 1991.

As for a revival, there was already a proposed graphic novel in 2007:


And there have been some rumbling this year. However March 25th, 2014 marks 25 years from when Cooper entered the Black Lodge (Epsiode 3 @missj that's when McLaughlan wore the old make up). I feel like something may happen at that point....

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@g_man ryan has definitely been on the podcast before!

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@fastestblender: Damn! you beat me to it. Your right though if anything is going to happen look for it next spring.

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Just watched Twin Peaks this past winter. Love it to death, besides the middle of season 2 sucking so damn much. Was at it's best when Lynch and Frost had direct control over it. The movie isn't completley awful, but it kinda didn't need to be told.

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Great podcast this week guys. I like Jen's enthusiasm in these as of late and as always Cory and Tony are awesome and funny. Very cool that you gave Ryan's passing a mention since it seems like Tony would have been close with him. I'm going to miss that duder.

I'm with Tony about the first part of Trinity War being kind of overwhelming and too break neck in it's pacing. It was a great issue but I too thought it was a bit much. I'm not sure why you guys are so surprised about Green Lanterns who can't speak the oath. Mogo is a widely known mute Green Lantern and I've never heard her speak the oath out loud. I'm not a GL super fan so for all I know she has spoken before.

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Yay! Glad to hear Avengers Arena and Young Avengers getting some luvin' this episode!

Tony: I forget where I read it, but Hopeless said somewhere that murderworld is definitely NOT a virtual reality.

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Glad Jen was back for the second week and hope she continues on the podcasts as a regular of the team. Nothing against anyone at all but the last 2 weeks felt like the fun, relaxed feel was back.....something that seemed to have been lost awhile ago. I've enjoyed the last 2 casts more than any in a long time......good work guys, keep it going :)

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@pilgrimcobra: Agree, it's nice to have a female, @missj, in the mix to provide balance and a different perspective.

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Guys, just wanted to note re the talk about sugar and artificially sweetners -- excess sugar does not cause diabetes. That's a widely held belief, with no weight behind it. The American Diabetes Association clears this up through their FAQ.

Sugar can lead to weight gain which can lead to obesity. Sugar does not cause diabetes directly -- it can't.


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@g_man@undeadpool So does that mean that in the story where Doom takes over Reed's body, in the Ultimate universe it was permanent? And now Doom is in Reed's body today? And where should I pick this book up if I want to start reading it, what issue would be a good starting point?

Also, should I drop Superior Spider-Man to start reading Ultimate Spider-Man? I am just not very happy with Doc Ock as Spidey. I am still buying it, in case something major happens like Peter returns or 2099 takes over or something, while I am not reading it.

Wolverine without healing powers, he would die of infection within the first few days because of the claws going in and out of his body and the cuts not healing. germs and bacteria and other people's blood.

@missjI LOVE Bob's Burgers most of the time. Sometimes it can be a bit much or out there. But Its like Home Movies part 2. They get voice actors from that show and have similar improve styled banter. Its great and funny.

I also like the original Fantastic Four stuff by Lee and Kirby. Classic and creative. The first like 50 issues or more. 1st appearances of Dr. Doom, the Inhumans, Silver Surfer, Galactus, the FF of coarse, and all that Kirby art.

@g_man IMDB identifies Doctor Who as a Family Friendly show. Safe for all ages.