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FIRST! Bam...

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welcome to missj in the podcast

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@g_man Kubert wrote Batman Noel

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Miss J! :) So nice to hear her as part of the podcast now. What I'm curious about is if Levy is pursuing this because he, like many, feels that the makers of BttF kinda screwed Eric Stoltz over through five weeks of filming before the filming team decided he was miscast. The only issue I see with their criticism though is that from the get-go, director Robert Zemeckis' original choice for the part would have been Michael J. Fox, but due to the latter's commitments to the show Family Ties, he was unable to film for the movie. Then, if I'm not mistaken, the second choice of Zemeckis was C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders, The Hitcher) and only after he gave an impressive performance due to the movie "Mask" was Eric Stoltz considered for the role of Marty McFly.

I like the idea behind this series though because its an awesome "what if" with directorial decisions meeting time travel. I mean if Levy is successful with this Back to the Future idea, why not make one for Indiana Jones regarding Tom Selleck as the original choice for the main character? Or Gary Cooper being the original choice for Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind?" I think Levy's idea has caught fire for a whole new era of cinematic "what if's" in comics!

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@g_man said:

@jonny_anonymous: Lee Bermejo wrote and drew Noel.

Oh your right, I was totally getting confused with Dead Boy Detectives lol

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Kirsty Cotton had a cameo in Hellraiser 3

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Still sad about the revelations from the previous podcast, but trying to soldier on. A podcast without Sara is like a comic without art. (No offense intended guys) I enjoyed the podcast none the less. I also like listening to the podcast while I edit the wiki pages. I'm in the 224K wiki point range now.

The criticisms that I often hear put on MAN OF STEEL often sound so incredibly overcritical. It just sounds as if people were upset that he didn't spend half the movie's limited time helping old ladies cross the street to prove what a swell guy he can be. Yes, the Avengers were able to save civilians and fight off invasion, becasue there were "Six Of Them". MAN OF STEEL wasn't a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. AVENGERS had the numbers to spread out and allocate responsibilities. Superman was one dude trying to hold back an army of equally powered trained soldiers. He can't be everywhere doing everything. He had to pick his battles.

I will not pay physical media prices for digital content. It should be dramatically cheaper. I don't own that content. If Comixology was to go under -- heaven forbid --, what would become of all those comics I paid for? It's not like a physical media where I have the comic in my home. Fred Perry's GOLD DIGGER is on Comixology for $.99 each. I can buy a 200+ page digital manga volume for $4.99, and those require extra work with translating. I bought a year subscription to WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP that comes out every Monday and has 200+ pages for $26. Digital comics could be used to attract a more causal audience with lower pricing. These are the people who aren't going into comic stores in the first place.

I agree that character pages shouldn't be filled out with novel content. I've actually been making a concerted effort in condensing information on many wiki pages. It doesn't seem like a reason why there can't be a category in the wiki for novels to keep them more separate. You could use the same formatting that exists for the comics. Just separated as Novels.

I laughed becasue my joke question about the Robins way taken so seriously and left out the punchline in the question. I went on the ask if it was the stress that aged them or is Bruce slipping them something.


There is also a VERY hidden Easter Egg in ARKHAM CITY. One of the boats in the bay (the one closest to the building where you found Nora) has a hatch in the back that can unlocked with the cryptograph. It wont lock onto the hatch, so you have to specifically aim at it while almost standing upon it. Break the code, and the hatch will open. Inside, you will find an experiment room of Scarecrow. It's super creepy, and be sure toe closely examine the note and body you find inside.

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upgrade her. Also Legion is a God Awful character. Also the reason I stopped reading Legacy.

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Miss J has the voice of a Siren. I grip my hammer firmly while listening to her soothing melody.

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can sombody give me a link to the last pod cast?

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@lifeofvibe: On the right side of this page is a column called "Previous episodes" ....

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The magic urn in The Owl #1 that was mentioned in the podcast may have seemed out of place in the story, but this actually comes from Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers comic line. Having The Owl released from the urn not only explains how he is crime fighting again, but opens up the possibility of seeing more of these Golden Age heroes come back to comics. Dynamite seems to be resurrecting the Project Superpowers line.

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@undeadpool: I have to say that I disagree with your opinion on Man of Steel vs. Avengers. There is kind of a double standard. Remember, Avengers was a team movie. Captain America could afford to go and save civilians because if he knew that if he wasn't there, Iron Man, Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Hulk were all out there continuing the fight. Superman didn't have that luxury in Man of Steel. It was only him against Zod and an entire army of Kryptonians. He couldn't really afford to save many civilians because he's too busy getting beat on and his first priority had to be to stop Zod from causing destruction.

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Does Corey pronounce Constantine as "Constan-t-eye-n" just to be contrary? And really, a few less fake gasps would be far more effective, and much appreciated. Thanks!

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So nice that Jen has joined the podcast. She fills the tremendous hole left by Sara's departure quite well. :-)

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@swagner017: Aah, thank you for that context! I hadn't heard of that.

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@missj: No problem! The one thing I can say is that although the magic urn seemed out of place it kind of acts as a separation between the Golden Age heroes from Project Superpowers and the Pulp characters (The Shadow, The Spider, The Green Hornet, ... etc.) despite some of the cross over seen in Masks. Otherwise the Pulp characters would have been trapped in the urn as well with The Owl.

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Is there really She-Hulk + Rogue prose novel? What is it called? That sounds like it could be cool.

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@pspin: Look for "The She-Hulk Diaries" and "Rogue Touch"

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@lifeofvibe: http://www.comicvine.com/podcasts/comic-vine-podcast-06-28-13/1600-222

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In my opinion this podcast is best when you are three.

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MissJ is defnintely a nice addition to the cast! Sometimes I feel bad when Corey makes a joke and Tony just leaves him hanging, so it's good to have someone else on the who will at least snicker. :P

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What was that Shield series where Da Vinci was one of the Avengers?

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The PRE-orders of Mattel's SDCC exclusive BATMAN Classic TV Series Batman™ Batusi Batman™ are done. That's a separate line that moves faster at the booth. There is still a standard check out line where SDCC attendees can buy the figure on sight. The remaining stock will be sold on 8/5 at Mattycollector if @missj wants one.

@danaandra I agree, enough with the faux shocked gasps

@zomboner Also agreed. Tony you've been at this for awhile, you can't just grunt and move onto the next topic, there has to be a conversational nature to this type of audio

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The last Podcast with just the two was fine.. Three spreads it out a bit more.. Creates a better dynamic but it's always good no matter what - so whateve...

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I totally vote for Miss Jen becoming a regular on the podcast. Matt would be fun, too, but you need at least one gal on the show. :-)

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I know Sara just left and all....but I totally love Jen! I hope she becomes a permanent part of the podcast! She and Corey work well together!

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@missj: I totally disagree on your opinion of Man of Steel. It doesn't make much sense at all. Because he didn't give a false sense of hope. If he didn't destroy that machine that changes the atmosphere, the whole entire world would have died due to not being able to breathe. So, in a sense he did more than the Avengers because he able to save billions of lives as one man. Also, Avengers is being sort of unrealistic if you look at it because people will always die in destruction no matter how many heroes are in the city. This the only flaw I really saw in Avengers and I don't get it how people don't see it as a flaw.

@foxxfireart: I totally agree with you here. The criticism of Man of Steel in here is too harsh and not making much sense. People need to start thinking harder in here. People are just ranting without giving any thought at it. I just don't get because it's really not that hard.

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Superman didn't save his DAD to keep his secret, but he'll save Gotham because it's under siege?

Superman didn't learn how to fly until he put on the suit but "he could have just flown to Gotham and scoop up the nuclear reactor?" I mean because even though he never flew by himself before ONCE THE GREAT ALL MIGHTY GOTHAM is in trouble he'll suddenly realize he can fly.

Especially because Gotham is 10x worth more exposing himself than his own father.

On Man of Steel Clark literally barely puts on the costume, learns to fly, and identifies himself as Superman half way threw the movie. His goal was to be a "ghost" not have a dual identity. He dons the dual identity idea until the end because he decided to introduce himself to the world. Before he never needed the dual identity because his goal was to stay hidden.

You see "Jen" trapped under the debris to show the idea of the movie for every human to strive to be Superman a Nobel Hero. The team/co-workers/friends don't give up and runaway they stay and help.

It's AMAZING how people have a hard time following or shaping some form of continuity but a God-Like-Alien teaming up with a Rich Orphan who wears a BAT suit totally easy to shallow. Why can't Nolan's Universe be connected to all 3 movies.

Batman was the first official hero. Superman was the second official hero and GL was the last hero of that Universe. Superman could have saved Gotham but he didn't want to reveal himself. Same reason why he didn't stop 911 and other natural disasters (PLUS HE NEVER KNEW HE CAN FLY BEFORE.)

At the end this doesn't matter,they won't have the universes connected, but dam can FANATICS nitpick movies/cartoons/new series/et cetera.


My brother found that room. What are you guys talking about and yes before Arkham City was announced. He bugged the $#!% outta me with it like "look what do you think this means." He was 10x more annoying once ACity was announced like "I told you... I told you... blah blah blah." Like If I even cared.

"if you found it by yourself then you should keep it to yourself." Well my brother kind of did... just saying.


Dick Grayson was 16 years old. He was Robin for 2 years then quit. He quit at 18. Jason was Robin for One year until he quit. Tim was Red Robin for a year and a couple months before Damian came to the scene.

2+1+1.4+0.6=5 years





( + )

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Dunno if it is just me, but saying that you 'grew up' with the BTAS Barbara Gordon is kinda odd... as far as I remember, she only appeared a handful of times throughout the entire series.

But for that question, people tend to favor the Batgirl that they grew up with. Older fans will gravitate towards Barbara, and younger readers will be gravitating towards the two others. Personally I prefer Cain as Batgirl, as I think Barbara became much more as Oracle than she ever was as Batgirl, and Steph's Spoiler is her own ID so she hardly needs to be Batgirl. Also Cain was the peculiar extreme opposite of Barbara in the Bat-line (where Batman is in the middle, Barbara is at one end with her massive smarts and lack of movement and Cain is at the other end with her beyond N'th level Bat-Fu skills but comparable shortage of smarts in comparison to the others).

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How does this crazy spam keep getting onto the site ... ?

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How does this crazy spam keep getting onto the site ... ?

I'm not sure...

but my mom just made $23757 in a day in the internet! Go to www.comicvine.com to find out how!

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