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This week Sara and Tony talk about if there's too much story going into the Green Lantern movie, Donald Glover as Spider-Man, does X-Men: First Class stand a chance of being successful, Josh Holloway never wearing shirts, Marvel movies and cameos as well as a long talk about what's right and wrong about Wonder Woman. 
No special guest this week (we explain why) but you get our special conversation about all the cool comic topics this week.
Listen, download and comment on the podcast by visiting the PODCAST page today.
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I Love the podcasts.  I put them on and listen while I work on my art.  The longer the better.  I listen to them all.  Thanks.

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I would like to address the section of your podcast in which you were discussing race in reference to portrayals of iconic characters; the idea that race matters is a legitimate concern, but only when the origin story would have to be morphed into something unrecognizable ie. your example of placing a non african american actor as black panther, that would be ludicrous as it would have to completely change the story of the black panthers origins and wakanda as a whole. As far as spider man, does it matter if hes white or black no, as we see with sam jackson playing nick fury; yes in ultimates hes black and to use that as rationalization would only mean that someone would have to re-invision spider man as something other than white, ie spider man 2099. So to end this long post, i dont think it would be awful for donald glover to play spider man.   
P.S. Movies are not canon and canon often does not make it to the movies. 

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That was a really good podcast. Even without guests I enjoy it.
The topic of Wonder Woman kind of inspired be to write a blog about her.