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The creators of DV8: Gods And Monsters, Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs call in to talk about the book and working on the characters since their last series. 
We also talk about Lost Vs Heroes, Namor, Thor and Judge Dredd in 3-D, X-Men First Class, War of the Supermen, Disneyland and Marvel and what if Batman and Joker were...related.
Head over to the PODCAST PAGE and listen to it now!
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@G-Man: I posted it on the podcast page itself, but the last few podcasts have had some pretty bad mixing issues for me, as well as volume issues.  I can't even hear this podcast at all.  I know it's not my speakers, as I've had no problems with any other Whiskey Media podcasts, nor other sites like YouTube and such.  I had commented on the James Robinson podcast that I couldn't even hear Babs at all, but you and James came in just fine. 
Is this just me, or is it something else?
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On a serious note, I always listen to the whole thing. Every time. And I don't need the points - just letting you know I listen, although usually on Monday or Tuesday.

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@jakob187:  It's not your speakers or computer or player.  It's how it's being recorded.   Just take a listen at Giantbomb, joystiq or just about anything else and you will see .
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@MrGutts: Yeah, I listen to the Bombcast every week, and no problems.  However, just can't hear anything on the Comic Vine Podcast.  /sadface
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Honestly though I sit down for the whole show.  I even down loaded all the ones iTunes have and I am working my way through them all.  They are a good way for me to catch up on things I have missed or find out about books I don't read (mostly because I am paying off college loans or I would read them all).