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James Robinson visited the Comic Vine office once again. For our longest podcast ever (just over two hours) we talked about War of the Supermen, Justice League of America, Nightcrawler's death, Brightest Day, The Losers, Iron Man 2, Doctor Who and loads of other stuff. 
Prepare yourself for two hours of pure entertainment.
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Ha, when I read the description on the front page, I thought "Have we been tossed a re-run?" :P
But James Robinson's a cool guy, and these podcasts make Superman actually sound like something I want to read, time to download it on iTunes!

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Great interview with Mr Robinson, it's always nice to hear the writers perspective. 
My offer for donating has gone up to lunch level now.  
Mr Robinson sounded good on the podcast but you two sounded like you were talking from the other room to him. The entire show was still way low on the sound gains.