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We decided not to Ustream this week (sorry). We're rethinking the technical aspects of it. But we still did a podcast. This week I was joined by video producer Ana, Ryan from GiantBomb.com and Norm from Tested.com. Take a listen, download and comment by going HERE.

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I didn't miss it then? :)  I went to the cinema, and thought I'd missed the USTREAM... but I didn't, huzzah!  :)

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Hey all,
This is my first time listening and visiting, and I would like to say you have a great podcast and to keep up the great work. Now I am going back to listen to more shows! 
On a side note.  I do seem to have a issue with this podcast ( technical reasons ), maybe it's me and I am just getting older but it seems to me the volume gain on the output side of the podcast is kind of low.  I have to turn my volume up more than 30 to 50% more sometimes when listening.  I am a huge podcast listener, love the GiantBomb, Tested and about 10 others that are not video based and don't have any issues with them.  
Oh can you also have what's her name errr Sara or the other gal, talk into the mic please?  They are even lower on the volume meeter.  ( No offense ladies ) .
Any who, thank you for the show.
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No Ustream posdcast this week as well?
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@FoxxFireArt: Nope, just a normal podcast.