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If you're looking for something to do this weekend, you can listen to our weekly podcast.  We're back!  It feels like it's been a while.  
This week we jump back into things and talk about Spider-Man's movie troubles, postage stamps, 3-D movies, Aquaman, Mark Millar and find out what a Lady Ga-Ga is.  We also answer a question from one of you guys!

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I've been waiting for the return of the Podcast for like, what has it been, a month?
anyways, glad things are back on track...*goes to download*

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Youe podcasts are lacking a certain, shall we say, "Riezner-ness"

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I was quiet in the beginning because I was reading comics.

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Hmmm, after seeing Sandman and Venom on screen I don't see how Vulture would appear far fetched.  
And you're right about the whole trend towards no reality based super-hero movies, but I've got to ask 'why'? Why can't we just accept Thor for being purely enjoyable fiction? 

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well it's about time! :D
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what is a Lady Gaga. LOL
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What I would of liked for the Spider-man movies. I would of liked it if the third movie had been all about Peter overcoming the black suit with a hint of Venom at the end, then have the villain for the fourth had been about Venom.
My issue with the Avengers movie. What force could they make that would be a credible threat against the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor for a live action movie?
I believe it is possible to make older movies into 3D. I'm sure it's just a lot more complicated.
I had a few problems with Avatar. I enjoyed the movie. It's that the messages are kind of heavy handed. When the Home Tree fell and the Na'vi were walking away. I thought of the Trail of Tears. There was also a part of the narrative that I thought was lacking. They are there to get this mineral that goes for 20 million an ounce, but at no time do they even say what it's used for. Why is it worth that much on Earth? Why is it worth this genocide? Also the fact that everyone is from Earth, but no one even mentions how this is like the Native American Relocation policy.
I'm saying, That Archie stamp looks like something dirty is going on. It looks like Veronica made an "Indecent Proposal"
Uhhhh, Babs. One of Robert Downey Jr.'s earliest movies was actually "Weird Science" 1985. Not his role in Alley McBeal.
I agree so much with you, G-Man. Land does alright on covers, but utterly lacks on interiors.
Anyone care to hear a good reason why Sherlock Holmes was good for Christmas Day? I can tell you why. The VERY first Sherlock Holmes story "A Study in Scarlet" was publish in the Beeton's Christmas Annual of 1887 along with two other stories. The price was One Shilling. It didn't get it's own separate book until July of the next year. It emulated what happened with the book. Though I don't know if that was on purpose.

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the boondocks is a good comic strip and the black and white thing was switched
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@FoxxFireArt: I know, but I'm pretty sure that he was on Ally McBeal when he all but sabotaged his own career
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You are right there. I thought you were implying that was when he was getting started. That was my misunderstanding. Sorry about that. He had a good thing going on that series before he messed up, but he's been screwing himself over long before that with his addictions. Oddly enough, I always admired that when he was in court. He blamed no one but himself. Often times when celebrities go to court they blame everyone but them self. After that last time he really did get him self together. It's funny how his battle with his addictions connects him to the character Tony Stark.
He went on to make some incredible movies. Have you caught The Soloist? It's a very touching movie
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I thought Sam Raimi did a good job with Spider-man I and II. They were excellent movies

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@TheBug said:
"Finally!!!! "
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The intensity of the colours in Sci-Fi should really change with regards to the proximity of the object from a star. The only real argument for having darker ships is making them harder to spot when they are closer to a star than the Earth is but then again if you are relying on seeing your foe in the vastness of space then the colour isn’t going to help that much and you are in trouble.

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Finally its back XD, the podcast is back, YES!!!

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G-Man i LOVE fraction's uncanny and i think quite a few people also enjoy his run.
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@FoxxFireArt: Towards your Avengers comment, I have heard a lot of rumors towards the Hulk being the villain. While that would be an interesting and plausible development, I don't think they are going down that path. I think they may go about the Avengers  the way they should and have Loki to be the villain. However, there are many supervillains that can pose a threat to the Avengers, i.e. Ultron, Kang, Super Adaptoid, the Vision, Wonderman, the list goes on. It would just be a matter of how to fit it into the movie and still make sense.

Towards your Avatar comment, I do agree with you with some of your points. However, its very simple why the movie doesn't address the mineral. I can see that if they said the mineral's purpose that it may create sympathy for the faceless corporation. What if it was going to stop the energy crisis on Earth, cure diseases, create new technology, if there was any dissent to this people may not feel as much for the natives because it for the good of humanity. It pains to to say that I know that there would be some audiences that exhibit that kind of reaction. As for your trail of tears comment, it is never said when in the future this movie takes place. Perhaps that part of American history is so small to them that they only touch on it in their schooling. Also, I would challenge you to see how many people off the street know what the trail of tears was. It is unfortunate that the world we live in, can even have people who are ignorant to this. There are even people who still try to deny atrocities such as this, or even worse justify it.
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Such as with what Babs had said. The better Marvel movies have been those with some level of reality to they. Using Loki as the villain for the Avengers movie I think would be seriously risky.

That's my issue with the movie. The company comes across as just this cliche greedy company. There was no ambiguity what so ever. There had to be a reason why the mineral was so valuable.

Depressing that it is. You are most likely right about how most people don't know what the Trail of Tears was. Though how could someone not now about the massive Indian Relocation Project undertaken by the US.  It was basically an act of genocide that was government backed.. Hell, there are people who try to deny the Holocaust.