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LOL look at 2:22 Micheal Bay and his explosions

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I heard Mark Wahlberg explodes in this movie

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How many times can a girl yell "DAAAAAADDDDD" in one movie? Guess we're gonna find out.

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I still don't know what to think.

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@cattlebattle: I heard he raises his arms and explosions shoot out of his armpits.

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Poor grimlock.......he got punked out so hard.

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M'kay, I was onboard up until Optimus Prime b****slapped Grimlock.

And not because somebody b****slapped Grimlock and that should never happen.

Why was the ground underneath him EXPLODING AS HE FELL!? There was nothing falling off him to explode, it was obviously jungle ground so no pipes or anything that MIGHT explode from the force of it. Optimus hit him, so there wasn't anything shooting at him that could explode. So what the hell?!

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This looks… decent.

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@g_man: That would actually be amazing, but, it wouldn't surprise me.

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Pretty excited for this movie!

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As much as I HATE Michael Bay and the brainless explosions he dumps in just about every movie. I will most likely watch this, when it comes to Redbox.

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The star saber O.O /swoons

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Ya know as someone who hasn't seen a Transformer film since the second one, this dosen't look...so bad. I appreciate Michael Bay and his brand of vulgar pomp and circumstance (The Rock, Bad Boys, Pain & Gain).

With this serving as a reboot/start of a new era and new quota maybe it'll be good. Transformers 1 functions really well I'm getting a big T1 vibe from this.

And you have robots riding DINOSUAR ROBOTS that's just kinda awesome.

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i love explosions.

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Lol trying to make this sh*t look like it's going to be all serious.

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Optimus looks very samurai-ish, and it looks like his design from the first few movies some how comes out of his G1 form. I can dig it. Looks interesting, I wish there were more dinobot action, but Optimus bashing Grimlock in the face was enough to hold me over. It didn't give much of the plot away.

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I totally dig the fact that this time the main human characters aren't connected to the Transformers because they need them to save the world. These people just so happen to come across one and get caught in the middle of it similar to Spike, and Sparkplug.

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Prime couldn't take Grimlock in general let alone with one punch! I hate Bay.

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Has it really been seven years since the first one came out?

I know it's wrong to be nostalgic about such a short period of time, but I kind of am.

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Did Optimus Prime just punch out Grimlock?

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Just couldn't resist the slow motion running away from an explosion shot, eh? Regardless, I love the first film and think the third's enjoyable. This looks like it'll hopefully be a decent dose of popcorn fun.

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"The Age of Transformers is over." After watching this trailer, I say thee nay!

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I promised myself I wouldn't get excited about this movie no matter if it has Marky Mark and Grimlock in it, or if Prime makes Grim his bitch, and since Arkham Knight was revealed today, but damn it I'm a little excited. Still too many Transformers jumping and spinning though.

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So NOW the Transformers are common knowledge? Because a fight in the middle of New York and broadcasting to the whole world so far did nothing.

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Grimlock was a king until Optimus backhanded him.

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Should have been Bumblebee bit#% slappin Grimlock.

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@g_man: That would actually be amazing, but, it wouldn't surprise me.


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After watching this I was like

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@g_man said:
@cattlebattle said:

@g_man: That would actually be amazing, but, it wouldn't surprise me.


lol. "Feel the vibrations!"

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Looks entertaining.

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Grimlock was a king until Optimus backhanded him.

I bet that was Bay's FU to the fans who kept asking for the Dinobots.

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Looks good.

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Yes! Mean comments! This movies is going to SUCK!

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Pros: Complete lack of Shia Labeouf, complete lack of the parents from the first 3, Dinobots are in it

Cons: Michael Bay still directing, humans have turned on the Autobots again, the focus is once again on a group of humans and not the title characters, Grimlock gets slapped by Optimus, same writer as Transformers 2 and 3

In conclusion: not spending my money on this.

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EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! this looks way better then those stupid shia lebeouf ones.

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This is going to be Wicked!!!

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wow. Prometheus trailer yell much? and why in every Transformers movie, there's that one scene were the humans are running away from explosions behind them in the exact way every time? one last gripe; how THE HELL did the ground blow up under Grimlock?

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I don't particularly like Transformers, but this is awesome. No more Shia LaFraud!

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I'll buy this when it comes out on blu-ray. Say what you will about the first 3 movies, they sound and look pretty damn good when I watch them in my movie room.

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I'll never turn down a Transformers movie.

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Looks interesting, I hope we get a glimpse of Optimus as an old dusty cab-over semi before he goes back to his more familiar form.

Also I love how people make broad generalizations over a trailer. You know what I don't know why the ground is blowing up under Grimlock either, but I bet if you watch the movie you'll find out what a novel idea.

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Its not gonna be great, but I'll enjoy it