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  • Jeremy Jhans
  • Chris Stuckmann
  • Schmoes Know
  • Screen Junkies
  • PewDiePie
  • Seananners
  • PewDiePie
  • thefinebros - the only thing I like from them is you tubers react and teens react, everything else is CRAP


  • Toby games
  • Toby Turner
  • Tobuscus - I used to love this channel because of the Literal Trailers. Those have worsened in quality and everything else is crap.
  • Raywilliamjohnson
  • RayWilliamJohnson

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@jedixman said:

@tdk_1997 said:

@jedixman said:

Not "hate," but I dislike pewdiepie.

I like Two Best Friends Play, Achievement Hunter, Extra Credits, etc.

Why do you like dislike Pewdiepie?

His voice irritates me.

And while I'm not going to blame him for this, I don't like his fan base.

I like the guy but his fanbase is indeed really irritating.I hate them.

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@ghostravage: That's acceptable. There's some people who don't even bother giving the original video a watch and instead stick with RWJ's "hilarious" commentary.

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@monsterstomp: yep his vids are just so fun and entertaining to watch. I like to do anywhere from 30 to 50% on average if i can, i can do ermac, sektor, smoke, scorpion combos in mk9 easy consistent much

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I used to love Game Grumps.


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AmazingAtheist? A friend linked me to his channel years ago and told me it was "riveting stuff"; all I learnt from that was that I needed more discerning friends. Pompous douchebag if I ever heard one.

Yeah, I watched a few of his videos and thought they were and kinda enjoyed them, but the more I watched, the more I realized he was a complete tosser.

In response to the OP's question: I like Roy Kelly and, Buckley (from ADoseOfBuckley).

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Onision (Though where he debates people is interesting)

PewDiePie (Not that funny)












Nostalgia Critic


Epic Meal Time


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AmazingAtheist? A friend linked me to his channel years ago and told me it was "riveting stuff"; all I learnt from that was that I needed more discerning friends. Pompous douchebag if I ever heard one.

He's also borderline pedophilic:

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Some good comics shows that I like is

Kapow An Australia comic show. They have a lot reviews both in indie, mainstream, manga, anime, statues/collectables/action figures. Some times the have specials about different series/characters and games.

Dan and Dale's comic show is a british comic books show has a lot of indie books but also does mainstream american books which is there focus area.

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I love Key and Peele. Haven't found anybody that I particularly hate yet.

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Almost all the ones I liked have left by now, there's alot of ones I dislike though.

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I like:




Amazing Life 247


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Nostalgic Critic and Pewdiepie should just disappear.

Jenna Marbles is the greatest person online.

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Still don't like Jenna Marbles. But I love Jeremy Jahns and HISHE.

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Uh...My list might be a bit long....

Dislike: Ray William Johnson. The only reason I dislike him is that a friend of mine hyped him up. Then I watched a few of his videos and found them grading on my nerves.

Like: Tyler Oakley, shep689, Jenna Marbles, MarkE Millar, Ethan Hethcote, Kurt Hugo Schneider, boyceavenue, Pointlessblog, PTXofficial, Superfruit, Kingsley, It's Grace, JacksGap, Shane Dawson (le gasp!), ConnorFranta, Troye Sivan, Two Worlds Music, and many many more.

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Man my likes are

Gaming Side

  • AngryJoe
  • TotalBiscuit
  • Quill18
  • InsideGaming
  • ThatHentaiDude
  • Roosterteeth
  • Node
  • MMOxR
  • Kailvin
  • HaloFollower
  • Archimedies123
  • AlphaOmegaSin
  • ScrewAttack

Lore Side

  • YongYea
  • ShoddyCast
  • AlternateHistory
  • LORE

Animation/Movie Side

  • How should have ended
  • happyhour
  • CinemaSins
  • Counter656
  • Jaltoid
  • ScreenJunkies
  • League of Super Critics

Random Side

  • Nigahiga
  • Vsauce
  • mans1@y3r
  • FineBros
  • Epic Meal Time
  • BigThink
  • SA Warderga
  • ERB
  • Nerdist
  • ETC
  • FineBros

Don't Like nor Dislike but kinda annoying when i say i don't really like him when somebody ask me a question.Pewdiepie