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ok i will start





the reason i still like smosh is because the fame hasent gone to their heads they are the same two guys having fun that i remember from the start of youtube.

however they really are running out of ideas

i love



........i hate most things

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I don't actually know any Youtubers well enough to hate or love them.

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I tend to stick to the Let's play side of The tube

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I only watch Tobuscus, PewDiePie, Zangado...and...that's it.

I don't "love" any of them.

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Not "hate," but I dislike pewdiepie.

I like Two Best Friends Play, Achievement Hunter, Extra Credits, etc.

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  • Ray William Johnson is just some guy who comments on video clips that are funnier without the commentary.
  • Shane Dawson is too crude and it isn't really funny at all. I don't get the appeal.
  • PewDiePie fanboys are extremely annoying and he isn't as funny as people think he is.


  • Smosh is pretty funny in my opinion. Just the right amount of crude and the videos are very wacky. I find their Mail-Time funnier than their actual videos though.
  • CollegeHumor has lots of hilarious originals and parodies, and have so many videos its mind-numbing. Their Batman Parody is probably their best videos, followed by Troopers.
  • Machinima has lots of good videos as well, and probably have even more than CollegeHumor. Usually have very epic and comedic content.
  • RoosterTeeth, of course, has Red vs. Blue, which I adore, and Achievement Hunter and Rage Quit (my second favorite).
  • Angry Joe is my favorite reviewer on YouTube, if not the entire Internet. He puts so much effort into his reviews and videos, and they're also pretty funny. I rarely disagree with him.
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Smosh is my favorite

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I dont really watch youtubers that I have no interest in so I dont really have any that I hate. My favorites are

Video Games Awesome (very underrated IMO, I wish more people knew about them. Check them out if you havent. Their YT channel is farfromsubtle)


How It Shouldve Ended





and some GameGrumps

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Not a fan of most jokey Youtube LPers, especially the loud ones.

I enjoy Achievement Hunter's stuff and a lot of the informative LPers.

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As far as well known, I dont really hate anyone really except for TYT.

And just a few loser haters I and some friends of mine have from here, one other site sadly but they matter not. Lots of trolls especially on yt.

But I like tons of youtubers and love those people who follow mine, so I follow them. The least I can do.

Lastly, AVG nerd rocks!!

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I actually don't explore Youtube that much, I have those I'm subscribed to, Jeremy Jahns, HISHE, Itsjustsomerandomguy etc, are really the only things I've watched.

However, That being said, I don't understand the appeal of Jenna Marbles..she's just not funny. And although I've never seen any of his videos, I have seen Shane Dawson on "Youtubers react" and he seems like a dick.

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I like YouTubers in the vein of Ken Ashcorp, Lythero, KwandaoRen66, CGP Grey and Fitzthistlewitz.

I have a block program which stops videos from people like PewDiePie, Tobuscus or TheFineBros appearing anywhere on my page.

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rwj and shane whatever the f his name is, because they are not funny and are very full of themselves.

tfs, cardgamesftw, purpleeyewtf, n lanipator because they make the best abridges

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My fav is How It Should Have Ended

Don't have any hates yet

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Cant stand smosh, ray william johnson, shane dawson off the top of my head.

Cant stand Comicbookgirl19 either.

I like Jeremy Jahns, Jenna Marbles, and seananners.

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While I can't say that I really hate anyone on Youtube, I find that I don't really care for that William Johnson guy for some reason. Then there is this one dude who complains about stuff (really specific answer) who I find extremely irritating and grating upon the nerves, and...that's it off the top o' my head.

The Youtubers I love/like are...oh, holey moley that is a long list...well to keep it short, some of them include Markiplier, Angry Joe, College Humor, Team Four Star, and oneeyeddollvideos.

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MsxHeartxAttack (Guilty Pleasure)




(The ones I don't really prefer are the popular ones lol... Just don't prefer em)

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Jeremy Jahns

The Amazing Atheist

Mr. Repzion

College Humor

Jenna Marbles

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I'm gonna meet daniel one day and take his deadpool costume and also help him hunt down onision lol

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@vaeternus: Do you like any of the MK YouTuber's? like CHECK4900? He's my favourite haha. He/she helped me with some of the combo challenges for MK vs DC.

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@vaeternus: Do you like any of the MK YouTuber's? like CHECK4900? He's my favourite haha. He/she helped me with some of the combo challenges for MK vs DC.

Yep, totally. Check is a friend of mine, never met him but I've known him since MKO days back in 2003, 2004 lol. He's the combo king in general and a really cool guy. MKIcevsFire, TRMK, MKFenix I follow also.

For non MK vids I also follow Joerg Sprave, the guy is just awesome with making deadly weapons, slingshots, zombie weapons etc and MexicanxConnection is just crazy awesome with food reviews, chugging videos. Really crazy stuff, check them out if you get a chance lol

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The father-son pipe smoking/motorcycle building/beer(and moonshine) swilling Dagners are pretty up there, along with Hanna Hart, and I love a good fastmotion Tim Gagnon painting and some Wil Wheaton TableTop

Loading Video...

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@jedixman said:

Not "hate," but I dislike pewdiepie.

I like Two Best Friends Play, Achievement Hunter, Extra Credits, etc.

Why do you like dislike Pewdiepie?

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Confused Matthew



Chris Chan




Angry Video Game Nerd

Nostalgia Critic




Kyle Northrup

Irate Gamer


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Ones I like watching:

The Review Spot


The Thinking Atheist



The Amazing Atheist




The Review Revolution


TJ Omega

Outside the Box Reviews

There are quite a few more too.

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I forgot to mention another of my favorites




JennaMarbles (Another Guilty Pleasure)






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Pretty much this... I love the most...






KYR Speedy

Parodiadera (Dominican stuff lol)


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I like Angry Joe DashieXP and PewDiePie.

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I don't think I want to meet anyone who likes RWJ and/or Shane Dawson in real life...

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The only one I'm growing to dislike is AngryJoe

But I do like

HISHEdotcom, hotdamnirock, RWJ, MrCreepyPasta, CinemaSins, JeremyJahns, and some others I can't think of at the moment.

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@lolzstastic: I don't really like RWJ but i like the fact he shows hilarious videos sometimes and then i can look for them by myself afterwards ;)

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@tdk_1997 said:

@jedixman said:

Not "hate," but I dislike pewdiepie.

I like Two Best Friends Play, Achievement Hunter, Extra Credits, etc.

Why do you like dislike Pewdiepie?

His voice irritates me.

And while I'm not going to blame him for this, I don't like his fan base.

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AmazingAtheist? A friend linked me to his channel years ago and told me it was "riveting stuff"; all I learnt from that was that I needed more discerning friends. Pompous douchebag if I ever heard one.

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Hotdamnirock FTW

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Jotron,Egoraptor,GameGrumps,DidYouKnowGaming,ZanMan,The Completionist,Peanut Butter Gamer,PaperBat,VideoGameDunkey,UberHaxorNova,SlyFoxHound,The Creatures,Purpleeyeswtf,TeamFourStar,Maximillian(YO VIDEOGAMES),TwoBestFriends,Black Nerd,Nathan Barnatt,AmazingLife24/7,OneyNG,Psychic Pebbles,Stamper,Spazkidin3D,Zone-Sama,Rebel Taxi,Matthew Patrick13,Naka Teleeli,ERB,Rad Brad,WiiRikeToPray,Tasted,NatesVlogs,Yogscast,Josh Scorcher,Rabbid Luigi,Autarch of Flame,Jaxamoto,Honest Trailers,Lore and Projared

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Any good youtube pooper too... My sense of humor is somewhat f*cked up

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I like









And some others. There's on youtuber I hate. If I don't like someone's videos, I just don't watch them at all.

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I command you to look her up right now.

Great singer/song writer.

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List of people I like:

  • Two Best Friends Play - Account is "TheSw1tcher." Pat is my favorite.
  • Achievement Hunter. I like the Let's Plays (especially the Minecraft series), Let's Builds, Rage Quit, and VS.
  • CinemaSins
  • JeremyJahns
  • Extra Credits
  • Acorn Cinema (if he'd actually make videos, that is -_-)
  • Honest Trailers
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sxephil <3

Also love Epic Meal Time and Jenna Marbles.

Moderator Online
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I like NigaHiga for sentimental reasons - he was a pretty big topic in my high-school days, and his humor tends to be of a simpler, less-abrasive variety compared to other YouTubers. Also like David So, great comedian with a nice singing voice too, very charismatic. Comics-wise I like Browncoat Eric - check out his audio reviews on books, great listens.

YouTubers I dislike include guys like Ray William Johnson and Shane Dawson. I don't find them particularly funny, their brand of comedy is kinda off-putting to me. Smosh also comes across as overtly-obnoxious to me.

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NigaHiga - I really don't understand why people like this guy or think he's funny at all for that matter.








Justsomerandomguy - Dude has the best voice, literally


Mychonny - thought I'd throw him in here, he used to go to my school. Everyone thought he was weird (he kinda was) but he used to perform great acts at assembly's and what-not.

ReactionMovieQuest - These videos helped me realise how boring everyone here in Aus are :P

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@vaeternus: CHECK4900 is indeed the combo king, I've tried getting some tips from watching his video's, but it's all about timing and anticipation, I can only dish out 30% - 40% damage on average.

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Elliot hulse is interesting.

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Prince of Macedon




Toby Turner