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I couldn't find this exact topic anywhere and if it goes somewhere else, please move it. This isn't a general "Your team of X-Men" or "Your Avengers" thread. I want to know, if you were to make a team of 7-12 heroes, who would they be? It could be those heroes who you think would best serve the team in terms of strength, skill, or cunning, or simply your favorite characters. With this thread, I'm looking to have it encompass everything. If you want to have Moto from Biker Mice from Mars or Bucky O'Hare, you can. It doesn't have to be specifically one team or one publisher. Also, going along with this thread, who would their rogues gallery be? Make a list of 7-12 villains who you think would be best suited to best match/outmatch your team, or once again if you'd like... Simply your favorite villains. Here is my list. I feel they would best help the team and they are all some of my characters... Same with the rogues gallery.


1. Captain America

2. Batman

3. Cyclops

4. Superman

5. Hawkeye

6. Robin

7. Cable

8. Gambit

9. Daredevil

10. Colossus

11. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

12. Nightcrawler


1. Joker

2. Darkseid

3. Magneto

4. Scarecrow

5. Dr. Doom

6. Lex Luthor

7. Mystique

8. Ra’s Al Ghul

9. Darth Maul

10. Mr. Sinister


12. H’El