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In this thread talk about the books in your pull list. What you are enjoying what is falling off. Give a brief summery as to why you like it.

Cable - I was very excited about this book. Olivetti's art is cool andI like how it picked up after Messiah Complex which is pretty sweet. But what is with Emo Cable.... Dude stop running and kill Bishop already.

The Incredible Hercules - I will endorse this book to any fan of awesome fights. Herc is a great book. The story is amazing as well

Kick-Ass - From the guy that brought you Wanted Mark Millar come Kick-Ass. If you are not reading this book go to the store right now and pick up every issue.

Will add more later

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The Darkness - Absolutely brilliant book of late, really dark and twisted stuff but with an underlying storyline that really looks promising for the next few months.

Buffy - Practically dropped

Angel - Practically dropped

Green Lantern - Genius... absloute Genius.... Geoff Johns writing at it's best, with the Light War really kicking into high gear and the Rage of the Red Lanterns storyline heating up, i forsee it won't be long until Hal is in it upto his neck again and sinking fast...

Green Lantern Corps - See Green Lantern but with the added bonus of the wedding between Guy and Ice coming up and the romance between Kyle and Iolande heating up... it's getting steamy in space people lol

Supergirl - ok, the current run had an amazing start, then really went down hill, lately it's actually begun to pick up again and actually looks to be quite a promising storyline now that Kara has dropped the Emo attitute and actually seems to be handling things for herself for a change.

Doctor Who - One of the best at the moment, a really good time to get into the comics if you don't know the history of the character as it's doing flashbacks through the Doctor's entire life span, going through each regeneration in turn and talking with the companions that he had at the time. amazingly well written and the art work really fits with the current story.

Witchblade - don't know what to say here, it's been better but it's been worse as well... it's not brilliant but worth a read at the moment.

i'll add the rest later

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Uncanny X-men - The terrible writing has to stop....Pixie being defeated and forgetting how to teleport???? annnnnnnnnnnnnd, not utilizing her soul dagger. ....Who are you trying to kid?
X-factor - Keep being amazing

I think that's all i read ]=
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i read pretty much anything i can download from a torrent for free since i'm a cheap bastard and an alcoholic who would rather spend his money on cheap booze then on comic books...but i am really enjoying

amazing spider-man- now that new ways to die has started maybe they can keep up the good work

new and mighty avengers - they're pretty much the cornerstones of the marvel universe

i am not enjoying

batman - r.i.p. has just confused the heck out of me

x-men - pretty much all the books have been pretty stupid here lately

sorry i didn't BOLD my titles i'm too lazy for that

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Wow ok this is will take awhile

Superman (James Robinson/Renato Guedes)

It was just because of the creative team that I decided to try this, it only have been 3 issues but so far it looks like this book will be quite solid, too bad it's outshined by my next suggestion.

Action Comics (Geoff Johns/Gary Frank)

What can I say? I love most if not all of the books that Johns has written and Gary Frank's art is quite good, ever since Johns joined the book I've loved every single one of the issues, yet the best thing seems to be comming with "New Krypton" in the near future, thinking that they want to do one of the biggest Superman stories by 3 very good writers makes me smile.

All Stars Superman (Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly)

I've seen many writers take on the man of steel both in main continuity or in elseworlds, some of them are Johns, Waid, etc. However there ain't any other run on Superman that has astonished me like this one, the best story of Superman I've ever read, this is the story that changed me from a guy that could barely stand Superman to a big fan (along with Birthright)

Batman (Grant Morrison/Tony Daniel)

Just like with Superman, I've read many stories featuring Batman, the dark knight has had most if not all of the best writers in comics, yet Morrison's run is my favorite one without a question. That we are seing Batman R.I.P which features the most broken and most dangerous Batman ever should be enough to make it a good read, however soon we'll have "Battle for the cowl" and "Whatever happened to the Dark Knight?" by Neil Gailman.

Detective Comics (Paul Dini/Dustin Nguyen)

Paul Dini is one of the best (if not the best) writers for animated series, someone who wrote Batman the animated series, JL, Batman Beyond and others. Knowing that was enough to make me start reading his run, I like to say that it's quite a pleasent read and I applaud him for trying to give depth to the character of Hush, which he is being able to do.

Nightwing (Peter Tomasi/Don Kramer)

For quite some time many fans of Nightwing suffered from patetic and misleaded runs in the main book of the character, Devin Grayson's and Bruce Jones' being the best examples, however Tomasi (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers) has come to stay and brings more depth and dynamic to the character not seen in a long time, he thinks that Nightwing is an A-list hero...and he treats him like one

Robin (Fabian Nicieza/Freddie Williams II

I was thinking of dropping this book when Chuck Dixon left DC as for me he is for Robin what Wolfman is for Nightwing, he may have not created the character, but he was who really put him in the map. Yet when I heard that the replacement for Dixon was Nicieza I decided to stay for the next few issues atleast as I'm intrigued by the return of Spoiler and the new Red Robin

All Stars Batman & Robin the boy wonder (Frank Miller/Jim Lee)

First of all let me say that I believed when this was announced that it would be way better, I mean you have two of the most respected and popular creative team to work in Batman (separately) by any means this should be one of the best stories featuring Batman, yet it doesn't reach the level it should have, probably because both of them are really tired (god I hate delays)

Now I really liked the last issues, sensed that the momentum had started, but those  delays can be a real pain in the ass, I guess that when Miller finishes all of the things he has to do with the Spirit and Sin City 2 and Jim Lee finishes with DC universe the delays will stop and the series will get a greater level of quality.

Now if you ignore how the characters act...this is quite a good read.

Green Lantern (Geoff Johns/Ethan Van Shiver)

One of the best (if not the best) comic I read right now, every single issue during the entire run has been pure gold and the fact that more corps are being revealed and that the story of Lightwar is so close just makes me want to see the story now.

Green Lantern Corps (Peter Tomasi/Luke Ross)

While not as good as the Green Lantern book, this only has the purpose of focusing in the lesser known Green Lanterns while still telling quality stories, something hard to do with such a big cast, I liike the new artist.

Justice Society of America (Geoff Johns/Dale Eaglesham)

The sequel of Kingdom Come written by Geoff Johns...nough said

Teen Titans (Sean MckeeverEddie Barrows)

More than anything I keep getting this for loyalty to my favorite team, they still have quite a few good stories though

Will post the ones of marvel tomorrow
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Super Girl- I'm so glad she finally got rid of Power-Boy because he was making me sick,and she made a stand for herself and fought back, Something life time isnt teaching^^

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umm, yeah I would add my comments but the series I read are either finished series that I am simply reading now or adult comics that I could not recommend to children in good consience :P

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best IMO-Wolverine Origins
 (Deadpool v.s. Wolverine)

Falling List-Marvel Comics Mystery (Human Torch vs. Sub-Mariner) super bad writing...

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Amazing Spider-Man Awesome character, awesome story, what more to want?

Mighty Avengers Great team

Iron Man Cool character, not that great though for me

Cable Just something Marvel switched me too after Cable and Deadpool ended. Not great but ok.

Uncanny X-Men Best X-Men story right now IMO

Astonishing X-Men Meh

New Avengers Was really amazing, but is getting worse

Hulk Is interesting

Thor Love the character and the story and art rocks

Thunderbolts Love the story, the team really sucks as a whole though lol

Sonic the Hedgehog Love the character

Sonic X was in a special deal with Sonic, but sucks

Green Lantern Interesting and wanted to get into DC

Green Lantern Corps Same as above

Flash Favorite DC character

Teen Titans Favorite DC team

Secret Invasion Amazing Story can't wait to see what happens

Secret Invasion: Young Avengers/Runaways Love the Young Avengers, art sucks though

Secret Invasion: Inhumans
Love the inhumans


Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man

Secret Invasion: Thor