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I'm not the type of person that gets star struck or guns and asks for an autograph. But I'm just curious to hear your celebrity encounters and how it went. Here are some of mine. I would like to hear some of yours.

I've met Kobe Bryant a few times, he mostly kept to himself and never gave autographs out in public.

At the Captain America premier, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) bumped into my GF and I and said sorry. He was really kind and generous.

Most of the high school musical Disney kids were being douches at the Captain America premier, don't really want to get into it, but they were pretty rude.

Got a lesson of Dan Inosanto in Jeet Kune Do. He was one of Bruce Lee's loyal students. Was a real nice guy, still very fast at Eskrima for being real old.

The guy from Black Eye's Peas spilled a beer on my leather jacket. I didn't know who he was till my friends pointed him out to me. Meh.

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Ahahaha.... Those darned kids...

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Anywho, my Uncle is Toby Imada, won submission of the year in 2010 for his inverted triangle hold, and when i was living in Los Angeles, i met Nicholas Cage. Nice guy. Down to earth. Also Met Todd Mcfarlane in Arizona. He he was there to see the Cardinals play.AWESOME guy.

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@nickthedevil: NOW I WILL STALK YOU! Lol, jk. Man that's crazy. I hope your Uncle lives a long healthy life. My dad did cage kickboxing in his teens. illegal fights with no rules. He gets headaches till this day.

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I stayed in the same hotel as Justin Bieber and saw him in the elevator...he was kind of a brat, he kept complaining about everything.

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I met Ricky Williams (Football Player) when he was a Senior at The University of Texas (Longhorns)

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@The Man of Yesteryear said:

I stayed in the same hotel as Justin Bieber and saw him in the elevator...he was kind of a brat, he kept complaining about everything.


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Yeah, the Law and Order stars said the same thing... When they had to work with him, they said he was being a huge brat.

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Stan Lee at London Super con! :D

I met Denis Law...and I saw Alan Moore but I didn't have the heart to go up to him and meet him...looking back I wish I did but oh well.

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Also forgot to say that i was given back stage passes and met Weird Al Yankovic

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@nickthedevil said:

Also forgot to say that i was given back stage passes and met Weird Al Yankovic

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW, are you freaking serious! Man that guy is awesome. I listen to Kevin and Bean in the morning and they're big fans of his. They often call him and do radio interviews with him.


Amish paradise

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@nickthedevil said:

Also forgot to say that i was given back stage passes and met Weird Al Yankovic

:O Can I carry your books to school? You are now the cool kid.

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Chatted with Michael Fassbender for a phone interview: extremely nice, calm and down to earth man.  

Spoke with Rock, Jon M Chu, Adrianne Palicki, and D.J. Cotrona for GI Joe 2 interviews.  Rock was amazingly nice and fun to talk with.  Chu was a good dude.  Adrianne and D.J. are big TMNT fans and fun to joke around with.
Didn't speak with him, but was near Jonah Hill for awhile at the Sitter premiere.  Seemed very humble and polite.   
Phone interview with Sam Witwer on the phone for nearly an hour (unfortunately this was before getting into Being Human!).  Had a blast talking with him.  Joked around and talked about everything from Star Wars to Batman.  Really cool guy and earned my respect. 
Interviewed with Willem Dafoe in person.  Very sweet and professional, but very direct and formal.
Had chats with the cast of John Carter in press junkets since I was fortunate enough to sit right near them (Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Dominic West, Andrew Stanton).  Kitsch contradicted himself a few times but he's a relaxed and nice guy.  Lynn was incredibly sweet, Dominic was cool, and Stanton was very respectable.  
More as I recall them.

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I've met various wrestlers over the years, no celebrity outside of that. All of them were pretty nice.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Chatted with Michael Fassbender for a phone interview: extremely nice, calm and down to earth man.


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I saw Zack galifinakis when i was in New york, from across the street thought... He was leaving madison square garden stadium. Only a glimpse, and my gramps is actually friends with Weird Al. It's how i got the backstage passes.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Chatted with Michael Fassbender for a phone interview: extremely nice, calm and down to earth man. Spoke with Rock, Jon M Chu, Adrianne Palicki, and D.J. Cotrona for GI Joe 2 interviews. Rock was amazingly nice and fun to talk with. Chu was a good dude. Adrianne and D.J. are big TMNT fans and fun to joke around with. Didn't speak with him, but was near Jonah Hill for awhile at the Sitter premiere. Seemed very humble and polite. More as I recall them.

Man you sound like you have an awesome job!

#19 Posted by k4tzm4n (35216 posts) - - Show Bio

Updated w/ Willem Dafoe, cast of John Carter, Sam Witwer. 
@Mercy_@SlimJ87D: My job gave me a lot of amazing opportunities.  Unfortunately, a big layoff changed that.  Now I'm back on the job market and searching for my next dream job.  *cough*comicvine*cough*

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The film "Adult World" was being shot in my home town a few months ago, and I was walking home from work and found out they were filming on my street, I caught a glimpse of Emma Roberts, t'was pretty nice...then I was asked to step back.

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Jason Derulo at an airport. He was trying to cover up his face and all so people wouldn't recognise him.

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I’ve had a lot of celebrity experiences. Comic wise

I’ve met Peter David, a really nice guy, I met Dave Sim, very cool guy. I met both

in very intimate settings, got to chat with both at length. I met Mo Vaughn

when he played for the red soxs.

I work in music retail and I have met a lot of musicians

and bands. Meatloaf, Ron Isley, David Cassidy, the band Tonic, the band

Refreshments, Bon Jovi, Julianna Hatfield, goo goo dolls, matchbox 20.

But I was only star struck twice. First time was

Tom Cochrane he was in Red Rider. I loved that band.. they did the song Lunatic

fringe, most know him for the song life is a highway. Anyways I’m a huge fan, I

got to met him, I knew a guy at the record label and he asked Tom if he would

talk to me for a few minutes and chat with me after the show. I was beside

Myself. He was just a super nice guy.

But the HUGE celebrity experience I had, was one

time Steven Tyler came into my store. I hear this voice asking me to help him

find something and I turn around and Steven Tyler is looking me in the face, I

helped him find we talked about some blues CDs he was looking for, asked him he

had checked a couple of blues CDs. One of the few times I asked someone for

their autograph when I ran into them in public. Very cool, very genuine definitely

what you see is what you get.

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I met Eric Swann (All-Pro DT, Arizona Cardinals) back in 1995. He was friendly and easy going.

I met country singer Laurie Morgan backstage before a concert in the spring of 2000. She was extremely hot and really nice.

I met actor Robert Wuhl (Arli$$, Cobb & Good Morning Viet Nam) in a hotel lobby in Paris, France in October of 2000. He was smart, funny and he had drinks with me and my friends. He was beyond cool.

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I helped find Seth Green sandals at my Walmart.

I pissed off G.W. Bailey (Captain Harris from Policy Academy) at Universal Studios.

I hung out with Papa Roach after their concert and ate all their food.

That's about it.

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I met Hideki Ryuga ;D

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Undertaker, I was 12 and he terrified me in person. This was 1992 so it was back when he was really frightening

#27 Posted by Sherlock (7207 posts) - - Show Bio

I just met the All American Rejects last week in my local bar....wierdly enough my friends and i were talking about their show and how we would never be caught dead at it
Feel free to look it up if you dont believe me.They played at Clarkson U in Potsdam NY.I live in Canton NY BTW

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uhmm nothing really happened since were pretty close.. i see him everyday........... in the Mirror hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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@SlimJ87D: Do washed up celebs count?
#30 Posted by SlimJ87D (11013 posts) - - Show Bio

@jeanlucpicard: Why not? Just explain where they were from. Some of these celebrities I've never heard of. And explain how you felt or how it went.

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Okay well tony danza was taping a show at my high school so i got to meet him. He's a nice guy I wasn't star struck or anything. just shook his hand and said hi.
Only a couple people would make me star struck and they are from Star trek lol.

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@k4tzm4n: Dafoe and Fassbender?! O.O

Seriously that's just frickin' awesome.

#33 Posted by k4tzm4n (35216 posts) - - Show Bio
@TheSheepHerder: Fassbender was just on the phone.  But yeah, it was :)
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Haven't never really met any celebrity and tbh not really interested in doing so anyway.

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@ComicMan24: The topic is encounter. So doesn't mean you went and met the celebrity. You could have went to the restroom, smelt a disgusting fart and Jack Black comes out of the stall and pats you on the back before he washes his hands for example.

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When I was younger I met Mitchel Musso at the mall for an autograph signing and he was pretty profesional.

I met Jordan Sparks and she was super nice. It was my birthday and she took pictures with us and my friends. She gave us some autographs also.

I once went to a meet and greet with Mathew Morrison before his concert. He was also great. He was super nice and gave us all a preview of the songs he was going to sing for the concert. He answered any questions we had.

I met Lou Ferringo at Comic Con once. Pretty much all he wanted was his money and he had no personality.

At San Deigo Comic Con I met the cast of the Nine Lives of Chloe King and they were all super nice. They were all very excited that they could meet fans of the show.

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Magic Johnson - When I was in 4th grade, he came to my school and did some lecture about the importance of school or whatever. I remember he was throwing a basket ball up into the air and catching it on his finger for that finger spin thing they do with the ball. Every time he would get higher and higher. Eventually, he threw it up until it hit the ceiling of the auditorium and when it came back down, he grabbed it because he was afraid it would break his finger. Afterwards as the session was dismissed and students returned to their classes, I noticed he was giving autographs to the special ed class students. I quietly worked my way into the class and got my free autograph. I was so smug about it, I bragged to a girl I was crushing on. She told the teacher and he tried to make me give up the piece of paper. I obviously refused and ran home. My teacher then came to my home, spoke with my stepfather and my father made me give the autograph to my teacher. It was at that moment that I decided I hated my stepfather and that girl I was crushing on who tattled on me, well I pushed he down in the playground. Take that!

Rick Moranis - I used to attend a baptist church in Utah and one day he came to a meeting. Turns out his son was a regular there. After a boring sermon, people were milling about and Rick was surrounded by all the cool kids talking about movies. I wanted to talk to a celebrity so I chimed in. I told him I loved him in Austin Powers and when I got a silent stare from everyone in the group, I quietly asked him if he was in that movie. He said no and went back to talking with everyone else and I kind of melted away from the group. Afterwards he asked if I wanted his autograph and wanting to redeem myself, I refused and walked away. Like a boss.

Brandi Carlile - She came to Utah a few years ago before she became famous. By that time, I already had an unhealthy fascination with her and tried to go to her concert in Salt Lake, I missed it and was sad. Then I found out the next day by accident while going to a 7-11 that she was doing a little outdoor makeshift concert right outside an indie record store called the Graywhale across the street from the 7-11. I reenacted the Frogger game to get across the street and enjoyed about 2 hours of music 10 feet from her on the grass. It was a great time. Afterwards, she was signing autographs before her flight and I got the nerve up to speak to her after the crowd had left. She is a very down to earth person by the way. A genuinely kind lady. I was having such a star struck moment chatting her up that I actually forgot to get my autograph, a mistake I regret to this day. I did get lots of pictures though.

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1. I have a childhood memory to share. Sorry, it's off-topic in the off-topic section. In high school my friend was scratching his cheek because it had a scar on it that would itch every now and then. I then had a flash back when we were in 3rd grade and the bell rang and I was on the top of the jungle gym and he was walking by and I jumped off and aimed my talons and scratched his face and then ran away like it never happened.

2. Lol, that's so sad. I think he might be on a celebrity blog somewhere else responding to a "You got mistaken for someone else."

3. Now that just sucks, sorry to hear.

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Oh it is okay. I got to speak with a celebrity crush so even though I regret not getting a CD with her squiggly signature on it, I did get to talk to her and was close enough to steal a kiss if I had the balls lol. Plus the pictures.

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i see many celebrities at the steel city comic cons. at the last show i asked butch patrick, yes that butch patrick from the munsters and lidsville, if he would be nice enough to sign a picture for my mom for her birthday which was only a few days away. but i had to shell out $20 though, $20 well-spent because she loved it. also i met and gret don stark from that 70s show, tna knock out rosita, wwf diva torrie wilson, beverly hills 90210 ian zering, from 'a christmas story' ian patrella [he played randy], saved by the bell dennis haskins, tony todd from 'candyman'. john wesley shipp from the flash tv show. talked with virgil from wwf , the sherriff from the ORIGINAL night of the living dead. there are picture of me with yancy butler from witchblade the tv show. also talked with corry dee williams, son of billy dee.

next show features dean cain, stephen constanzo, melina perez and john morrison and some lady from xm-sirius

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I met Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist) at a Denny's in Texas. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

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Met Amy Acker. She's nice.

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I met Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open a couple of years ago :-) he's my favourite tennis player, and he lived up to expectations. He was so nice.

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@Territorialhawk: YOU MET DJOKOVIC!? Dude's my hero!!!

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@lykopis said:

I have met a few, but my favourite - by far - was Hugh Jackman,

Awesome, how did you meet so many? Parties?

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He took a shot at me the unsavory Bas&^%$!!! kept the bullet though, good times

#47 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8127 posts) - - Show Bio

I met Lou Ferrigno. He was an asshole.

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was really nice.

Lloyd Kaufman (creator of Troma and Toxic Avenger) was really cool. Prob the nicest/funniest person I ever met.

Richard Kiel (Jaws from James Bond) was really nice.

Malcolm Macdowell (Clockwork Orange) was pretty nice.

Iron Sheik (wrestler) was an ass.

Tom Savini (From dusk til dawn, famous monster makeup person) was alright, kind of acted like he didn't want to meet you.

Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, Prof. Xavier) was really nice.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: You're the second person that has said ill things about Lou. Can you possibly elaborate on it? I'm just curious now.

#49 Posted by Anniki (67 posts) - - Show Bio

@Deranged Midget said:

@Territorialhawk: YOU MET DJOKOVIC!? Dude's my hero!!!

I went and hung out with a friend of mine who was working on the event, and met him that way. He was really really nice, signed my giant tennis ball & the cameraman took footage of him hugging me, but it never made it into the broadcast :-(

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