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Who do you think was the best president to this country that helped the best? Who do you think was the worst president to ever step in the Oval office and did the most harm?

EDIT: The country I'm talking about is the United States of America.

My Best- FDR and Honest Abe.

My Worst- Nixon and Bush Jr.

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This country? *chuckle*

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Best: None

Worst: None

Reason: We dont have presidents here :)

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As a Canadian my opinion is:

Best President: George Washington, because he founded your country and was the only one smart enough to see how political parties and interference in foreign affairs would cause nothing but problems for the nation. But nonetheless power hungry fools created enormous political parties in an attempt to gain more control only causing massive polarization in the nation. George Washington also set up many of the methods of government that define the U.S.A.

Worst President: Ronald Reagan, because he instituted the idiocy known as Reaganomics which set the country on an unavoidable course for financial collapse and massive wealth disparity due to his deregulation of the economy. The problems caused by his influence has not only damaged America but other nations economies around the world.

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Can I get some serious answers. TotalBalance gave a nice opinion and he is not even American.

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Don't assume that the whole internet is the U.S.A., for starters, and secondly, why should we know anything? Without specifying the U.S., you're not going to get what you want.

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Best: Godzilla

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This is the true leader

But seriously. FDR wasn't that great. He sort of ruined Japan and forced them to open their doors.

Lincoln was great. Nixon is not the one of the worst. He got impeached and his 2nd term was bad. However, in his 1st term was outstanding. He ended the Vietnam War and basically ended the Cold War. He created peace among the U.S. and the communists

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When this question comes up I always go back and forth on best President. One day it's Lincoln. The next day it's FDR. So essentially it's a tie.

For worse--no question it's George W. Bush. Before the Bush usurpry I was a bona-fide Independent. After that I can barely tolerate the GOP. No President since I have been voting has done as much to destroy the idea and the vision of the U.S.A.

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Best President: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt were some really good presidents.

Worst President: Herbert Hoover for specific reasons.. (He was okay) And Bush.


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Best-Eamonn De Valera

Worst-Mary McAleese-Let Bertie Ahern and other corrupt politicians run loose.

P.S: Don't care about US, they don't affect us too much.

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As a history major these are my responses:

The best: I'd say a tie between FDR and Harry Truman (although when history analyzes Clinton he will be mentioned among the best)

And As for worst- Herbert Hoover (Hoovervilles...nuff said) and John Quincy Adams. (Everybody who doesn't like bush shoul thank their lucky stars they weren't around for this guy.)