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12 Wolves are in the pack

They are hungry and have set their eyes on you.

You have a typical civilian pistol with 6 bullets.

You can have one of the following people with you

  • An Adult Male of your choosing from your family wielding a Spartan Spear
  • Your best friend/significant other wielding Baseball Bat
  • If your feeling lucky, A younger sibling/cousin/nephew/niece under the age of 15 wielding a Machete.

You win when you kill all the wolves (Eat their hearts if you want)

The Wolves win if they kill you and your chosen partner (They WILL eat both of you you)

EDIT: Location

You start behind the Ice blocks, the wolves are 4 yards away.

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Wolves take down Elk (up to 1,300lbs) and Buffalo (up to 2,000lbs). Two bags of soft flesh (other + self) are going to be eviscerated.

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Well im dead:/

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I'll go with relative with spear, my friends would freak out if they saw that, and under 15 they would piss themselves and flail their arms.

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You've gotta be one misguided fool to think you're winning this.

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Last I checked, I'm not Liam Neeson. So no.

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maybe Wolves prefer easy targets

Two adult Males both armed will hurt the Pack and they will back off there are easier targets in the woods

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I pick Adult Male, his height is 6 ft 11in, pure muscle he is really big. The wolf would take a long time eating him so I escape.

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Where is the location? Because this depends on my survival.

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I win easily. This is spite, in fact.

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Have you seen the GREY?

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4 METERS AWAY! The spartan laser is completely useless then the wolves would be on both of us within 3 seconds

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Loading Video...

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*becomes Liam Neeson*

*tapes glass to hands*


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I slaughter.

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I don't need the gun. I'll tear through them with my "Bear" hands.

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Me against wolves? So unrealistic.

The wolves would love me, take me in as one of them. Maybe even make me their leader.

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I shoot the first 6 wolves in the head with perfect precision, and put the walls of Jericho on the rest, one at a time, as my crazy ginger friend holds off the rest

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Regular wolves aren't suicidal. Put up a convincing fight (kill a few or wound a few then make it drag on) and they will back off to hunt weaker prey. Two people aren't really able to do that.

If I had near perfect aim and shot 5-6, they would back off. If these are bloodlusted wolves and they don't back off, we're one unarmed person and another with a melee weapon. I could also throw the pistol. Either way we don't actually kill all of them and survive at best, die at worst.

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If my Dad had a weapon of any sort, he could probably take down a pack of wolves and I'm trained like that too. My dad bit a wolf once ( LONG story) for trying to take his Big Mac. True story. Don't ask for any details.

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Hahahahaha to you people who think they can win!

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I choose Achilles as a family member. I protect his heel and he tanks damage while killing wolves. I can do that because I'm descended from gods. I win.

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Me and my uncle with a Spartan spear win.

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We become friends and come after you. Be ready.

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I will be wolf food.

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I really hate being killed....

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Six bullets (assuming I land all my shots) is going to get six dead. There's still six, and now I'm unarmed except for physically using my pistol and whatever martial arts I've got (which won't be enough). A family member of mine with a spartan spear could kill 2-3 with my help at best. Either the wolves retreat or we're dead after that.

LOL, and now I think this fight was inspired by "the Grey".

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No one here is gonna be able to do this, might get one bullet off and your friend might get one before the rest are ontop of you. Even if you headshot 6 of them instantly what then? Fisticuffs the other 6?

This is assuming ofcourse you cant scare them off, then you might just need one bullet in the air and go home.

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My spirit animal is a wolf so i got this.

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I point out the pack leader and challenge it for leadership and tell my friend to hold my beer.

But all joking aside we could barely beat one wolf which would be battle of your life let alone a whole pack of them.

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Vs? There will be no verses.

If a pack of wolves approaches me..

Do not press go.

Do not collect 200 dollars.

Just get the hell out of dodge.

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I fart and the wolves either flee for their lives, or are unlucky enough to succumb the stench that has arisen from my bowels. >:D

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I obviously win this, because *insert pseudo-logic explanation about how I'll whup them with a little strategic thinking.*

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Me cause i'm a werewolf and i control puny wolves!Be jealous and go cry to your mommy MORTAL!

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Yeah I'm gonna die in this scenario. And I hate wolves too so this'd be the absolute worse death for me.

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I think I can take it.12 wolves and I have a gun?I kill 3 and the rest of them eat their pack mates while I pick the rest off with the spear.They'll fight each other while I finish the rest.Wolver are hungry after all and will eat anything to survive. lol

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Stalemate. Wolves rarely attack humans and have a natural fear of humans. When they attack us, the sound of the pistol may scare them off, and if I manage to down on, then they will most likely run away :P.

This is assuming the Wolves are in character though :P

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With the edit, I choose adult relative with spear. I take the spear and stab the ice a few times to break chunks off, give it back. Then while we run to the cabins or the building for safety's we throw the ice chunks at them. If they get close I shoot them.