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@veshark said:

I'd actually be a little apprehensive about using my powers in public, not only because I'd feel like I would be messing with the world's balance, but suits apprehending me for experiments sounds like a very real possibility :O

This. It's why I haven't used my telekinesis recently.

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There would be alot of things I would do:

1. Imprision everyone who was ever mean to me.

2. Reward everyone who has showed me kindness.

3. Conquer the earth and rule it with an iron fist.

4. Restore order back to the world and try to eliminate most of it's problems.

5. Try to convince the girl of my dreams to fall in love with me and be the earth's queen.

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In all likelihood, I'd probably turn the world into a state where everyone is economically the same (hmm), eliminate poverty and lack and stuff, and then try to let everyone live happy, comfortable lives. But of course, that wouldn't happen, for a number of reasons, one being my harsh policies. I'd crack down on crime and heinous activities with ruthless aggression, acting as judge, jury, and executioner to those I deem bad enough. Things like pickpocketing, I'd probably let off with a return and a fine, but things like rape, murder, bullying people to the point of suicide, and support of that kind of behaviour, and anything else as it came up on a case to case basis would be dealt with strictly. Of course, it's me, and I'll probably want to deal with each one as an individual case to give it proper attention, sorting out extenuating circumstances and the like, but that probably wouldn't matter in the eyes of many (read: most) people. Revolutions would come up and I'd have to deal with those, and strictly. I'd probably end up worsely depressed and more jaded than ever, a messiah complex (or maybe just a god complex) forever fueling me in pressing on toward an ideal that may not even be attainable, trying to save people who would hate and fear me, because on the whole, I'd still like people. But my feeling that people just don't know what's best for them and for each other, and that I do, would be the ultimate force in my final decision. I'd try, and I'd be more than likely hated by most people for it.

This is just because.

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I wouldn't fight crime or directly use them to make money. I'd live a fairly normal life with awesome powers as a bonus.

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Kill a bunch of people.

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Reality warping?

Just screw around with it, honestly.

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It's simple..... Kill the Batman

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Depends what Powers i got cause if i got X-man's i'd force peace & i'd venture out into space ,if i got like wolverines power i'd give blood samples to cure diseases .

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To find out, think of what you do when you use cheats in a game.

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Fight crime for giggles.Mess with people.Make some money so I can afford to eat

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Watch people in their homes, and eventually start killing people off.

Yeah, it just hit me im kinda creepy.

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Get annoyed when I show them off on an internet video and people say "cool special effects".

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Get money, fight crime.

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@awesam said:

Push the Earth closer to the sun everyday Justin Bieber and Snooki are allowed to live.


Me, I'd fight crime - then build an awesome super- advanced hideout somewhere just outside of Earth's atmosphere. Then just relax.

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Have fun,become an anti-hero or a hero/villain for hire.

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Good bye bus hello flying to school. But no I think I would try to set an example with the powers I gain. Just becuz u have the power to destroy mountains doesn't mean you should use them wink wink military. I think I would just try and be an example of how we should really be and in a personal note I would use my powers maybe to travel around the world on my own would really use them to gain any financial benifit anything publicity yes in only to try to help and try to change the world.