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What do you do if you see an alien lifeform ?

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Find out how advanced its races technology is, and then go from there.

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Seduce it!

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Stay Away.

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Discuss science and theology.

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Watch it from a distance.

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with my luck, get probed....... :l

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Take pics.

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Say hi to it!

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Depends on what it looks like, behaves like, etc.

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Run, cry, and piss myself.

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Wave your hands in the air like you don't care

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Eat it and take its powers

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@kgb725 said:

What do you do if you see an alien lifeform ?

What kinda alien? There's different kinds in the movies.

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ask him for his ring, or tell him how much I'd like to have super powers (and then i'd hug him)

(real life though, probably piss my pants with excitement and then vomit)

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...Freak the f*** out

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@nerx said:

Eat it and take its powers

I was gonna say this....

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Kill it.

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I killed the Saiyan survivors, the Heran pirates and the Majin grunts. Any alien that comes to my planet is going to see King Yemma before the days over.

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Feed it Reese's pieces.

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Hide it in my sister's closet amongst all her stuffed animals.

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Form a boy band and sing in the desert.

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In character: Any alien who shows up on whatever world We happen to be on is either working for us or has a death wish. If its the latter, then it will find itself incinerated.

OOC: Judge it based on its appearance and either try to kill it or call my mother (a scientist) to pick it up and take it to her lab. Then get as much media as possible involved to make sure that it can't be covered up. From there, gather all the fame I can.

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I'll play the Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman. :)

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Take a lot of pictures and video footages save them on my phone and online if I can. I'd then watch it from a distance and judge it if I feel comfortable confronting it. I doubt I would, but if I did I definitely try to befriend it. How crash would it be to have a Alien from Space as a friend.

( + )

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Ask for superpowers. Then, whether I recieve them or not promise to never say a word.

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Based upon the title of this thread I think the alien might take offense. It might be a bad first impression so I would offer it a tissue.

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Go into the fetal position and hiss at the alien until it goes away. The alien would be confused at how weird I am and think that all humans are like this and leave. This strategy never fails.