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Last night I popped in Bioshock 1 and started playing it on easy (don' judge me. I'm still novice.) I thought I loved the concept before, but actually going into Rapture yourself and dealing with Big Daddies and the Splicers...I wish I'd gotten this game sooner. I also got myself Bioshock 2, so out of the frying pan and into the fire I suppose.

And then there's Infinite coming soon. I really want to play it bad.

So anybody else a fan of the Bioshock series? Or am I the only sucker left in the crumbling walls of Rapture?

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I've only played the first, and I thought it was quite good.

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@Decoy Elite:

I love how exploration friendly it is. My only hate is that you have to literally check everything for cash and EVEs. It's a necessary evil though.

Though the ammo bandits are possibly the most racist things I've ever seen not involving Nazis or KKK in a video game. Ever.

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I am fan too. So nice to see someone discovering the series :D

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The exploration is my second favorite aspect of the game, I love collecting the radio dairies so that I can piece together what happened.

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Lol, I've always been an unofficial fan. Now that I can play the games (saving up points for that Minerva's Den too) I'm legit. It was the same when I got into Left 4 Dead.

But I like how the game reminds me that I'm human. Sometimes I simply hate being Homo Sapien Sapiens, all weak and prone to self destructive tendencies while others species don't.

But come along a cerebral game or media like Bioshock and it reminds me it's better to be human, then a slave or a monster (even though I still wish I was a werewolf. Guilty dream of mine.)

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@Decoy Elite:

They're a pain to listen to when you've got a Nitro Splicer shoving grenades up your posterior though. XD

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I played 2, so I could see if I'd want to get Infinite. Beat it, had a lot of fun. Gonna pre-order Infinite when I can.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: I see (sometimes I wish I was dragon :P). You like for the same reasons I do probably - the strong philosophical themes. Though I liked the first one better because I connected better to Jack than Subject Delta, the characters were much stronger than the second one and its a nice deconstruction to Ayn Rand's Objectivism.

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Ayn Rand is always a mixed bag for me. I can understand how she thinks we can only truly think for ourselves, but the way she intends to implement it is just not the way I'd go about it. It'd be like extreme isolationism if that where to occur.

Must be why I hate Sofia Lamb so much. If there was ever a definition of a person to who needed be given a horrific punishment, it'd be her. Drowning is too good and painless in my opinion.

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I preferred Bioshock one due to the way that the narrative was set out, though Bioshock Two was more difficult (yet shorter).

Super pumped for Bioshock Infinite, WHICH GOT DELAYED 'TIL MARCH... AGAIN!

Also the venders in Bioshock were the best thing ever:

'Welcome to the Circus of Value!'

'Come back when you've got some money, buddy!'

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That clown is so annoying though. Even if I'm a rich b*tch it still yells at me like I'm a poor dude. D:

Last night I got to Sander Cohen and now he wants me to off people for his mural. I like artists, I myself being one as a hobby, but his stuff is ridiculous.

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One of the most frustrating parts of the game, purely because he replaces Atlas.

He is a complete nutbar too, which makes it worse. The cemented people are just creepy.


You actually get punished in the ending if you choose that option and are rewarded with better items and a better ending if you play Paragon.

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@Pwok21: How does he replace Atlas? I thought Atlas/Fontaine was the last boss of the game?


Just save them. That's what I do. They give you gifts if you save all the girls in a level.

In the 2nd game, you can temporarily adopt them and earn more energy that way for attacks. More enemy attacks happen though, but then they smile at you when you rescue them.

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I'm also a fan. The series is genius.

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I like how it's antique rather than futuristic. Something about the butchery of past medicines and politics makes it a ton more frightening than future dystopians like The hunger games.

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I mean in the narrative, as he blocks out the signal.

I kinda harvested the little sisters in the second game as it was too much effort to protect them.

...what, I saved them before! Blame Sofia Lamb that a crazy zombie Big Daddy murdered them!

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I simply can't hurt them. Plus its cute to get Teddy Bears from them, even though finding the Gatherer's Gardens are a pain.

It's the least I can do after having to put down a Big Daddy. I screwed up and had to kill 2 that where unarmed. I usually leave the sister-less Daddies alone, but the Elite Bouncers (I swear Cohen has a monopoly on those things. Harpoons everywhere, and not a single Elite Rosie in sight.) I either accidentally nicked via plasmid when attacking a Houdini Splicer, or snapped out of a Hypnotize Big Daddy and decided to take out his anger on me.

It hurts to kill them and I'd rather leave them alone the whole game save when I need to hypnotize one in a pinch, but it's a necessary evil to kill one.

It'll be worse when I play Bioshock 2 and have to deal with Mark Meltzer the first Rumbler and Augustus Sinclair begging you to put a bullet into his helmet as he attacks.

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I like to play different routes for Characters, so I'll do one playthrough playing Paragon and then one Renegade to get the full experience. It's a sad concept but considering the whole basis of Rapture is survival of the fittest you kinda have to just get on with it.

I do feel sorry for the Bid Daddies, I mean the process is awful and the whole subject is quite nasty but they are former husks of Humans with very few the still maintain their own thoughts, and the sentient ones are the only ones that I truly have difficulty putting down as it's a conscious mercy killing...

I do leave the Sister-less ones alone save one part in the game where you have to get parts from killing Bid Daddies and I needed one more part (after scavenging and saving the little sisters), so I was forced to kill one :(

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Bioshock is brilliant. Without question one of the modern era's best games.
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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Who isn't :P

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I'd suggest COD fans, but most seem to like Bioshock too.


Haters then. :3

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Is it the Hephaestus Bomb? Because I'm stuck on that point. So far I've scavenged 2 Big Daddy Bouncer bodies, but I don't know if there are others. I think there's an elite Bouncer still bouncing, but that is it. :/

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I think there are two deceased Big Daddies and a total of Three guarding Little Sisters and if you kill enough time the Little Sisters will spawn in but it takes a while. If you are still stuck and can't wait then the coils are dropped from any Big Daddies so go with that if you need to.

For the record you've convinced me to give Bioshock a fourth go purely from talking about it, and yes I am playing paragon this time.

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Is paragon just to save everybody?

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I make my girlfriend dress up in a Big Daddy costume in bed thats how much i luv it!!!!!!!

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Paragon is being the best possible character and Renegade is the opposite, trying to be the worst.

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Oh okay.

Normally I like being bad (lol, in Darksiders I joked with my sister that all the crap was happening to me because I killed a mess of humans in the prologue.)

But there are those times that the human in me says "No."