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Dishonored was a video game that I surprisingly enjoyed. After the major success of Skyrim, Bethesda decided to publish another awesome video game, so Arkane Studios went right on the job! From the trailers I thought this was just going to be another first-person Skyrim/Assassin's Creed game that was going to be generic, but once I started playing it, I really started to enjoy the stealthy gameplay and Corvo's character, personality, and most of all : his uber powers. I mean, killing guys and then turning them into ashes? Check! Possessing almost any animal (including monster rats) you want to achieve level goals? Check! Slowing down time as we know it to murder-stomp and humiliate guards? Uh...double check!

I also liked the atmosphere and setting of this game, as well as the slick graphics that associated with it. Another redeeming feature of the game however, is the deep emotions that this game delivers as well as memorable gameplay and character development. The theme is revenge, and Corvo is certainly carrying out that demand! With his new powers, he decides to go back and harm all those who have wronged him, and there are a lot of twists and turns in this rollercoaster!


Ever since Michael Bay made Bayforme-I mean Transformers, fans have been turned down from the franchise, with rare opportunities such as Transformers Prime to truly enjoy the series as a whole. Fall of Cybertron by High Moon Studios develops another mega blockbuster addition to their Transformers video game franchise. If you thought this game's opening cinematic trailer was epic, wait until you see the wonderful display of graphics laid upon the destructive, chaotic planet that was once the beautiful Cybertron. The story is also extremely emotional as it follows Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the conflict/war of the Autobots and Decepticons, led by Megatron. The controls are near perfect, and the different blasters attached to Optimus/Bumblebee's arms' emit grand laser sounds. I also love the humanoid and vehicle transition (glad they didn't make Optimus turn into a truck because that wouldn't make any sense if he hadn't encountered Earth yet).

As for Multiplayer, it's sheer awesomeness. Again, the humanoid/vehicle transition opens a door of vast opportunities in Multiplayer, as you race to face your opponent team, then turn into a vehicle at the last second to do an epic trickshot mid-air while morphing back into a humanoid. There's also an awesome customization feature that lets you choose between the Autobot or Decepticon alliance, as well as colors and your own in-game voice. I believe this game brings the Transformers series justice it deserves.


Sniper Elite V2 (produced by Rebellion Developments) is easily my favorite sniping game ever. Remember those awesome X-Ray moves in Mortal Kombat? Ever wanted to manipulate them to the area you wanted, with guns? Well if you do, you better pick up this game fast! This 2012 video game has amazing graphics and gameplay mechanics beyond any other sniping experience I've seen in any other game (yes, even better than no-scoping in Call of Duty). From headshots to nutshots, this gore-fest will definitely quench your thirst for slow-motion bullet-time kills.

While Story Mode/Campaign that follows Karl Fairburne's trek lacks in terms of character development and originality, there are infinite options to assassinate (or even run in with your Thompson and spray) your foes in the countless fun environments and engaging, fast and slow paced Multiplayer. You can even further your stealth options by firing your sniper at the time a bell rings, speaker is used, or huge explosions occur to mask the crack of the sniper shot. There's also a Welrod pistol that's silent to take down close enemies. It's magnificent to see an enemy AI oblivious to his coming demise!


Speaking of Call of Duty quick-scoping, this future shooter made by Treyarch takes place in 2025, and follows the adventure of an elderly Frank Woods, Alex Mason, and Menendez. While the Campaign isn't anything particularly groundbreaking in terms of emotions or storytelling, it still has the redeeming factor of huge explosions, extremely enjoyable gameplay, and epic slow-mo cutscenes. The ending is also very cool, as there isn't only one ending, much like the 2012 Third-Person Shooter : Spec Ops : The Line.

That being said, the Call of Duty franchise was never known or famous for its Campaign (other than Modern Warfare 2) but rather its innovative and highly addictive Multiplayer. Now, normally I would say that Call of Duty usually dishes out the same game all the time, much like Modern Warfare 3 which didn't differentiate/improve from its predecessor very much, but the new 2025 semi-future setting really puts a spin on everything we love about Black Ops and Call of Duty in general. From new and creative technology that puts new perks, guns, attachments, and more in the Multiplayer, to new settings and awesome TranZit mode in Zombies (albeit the annoying lava pits in this game mode can prove to be a nuisance), this is a must-buy in the Call of Duty franchise.


Shepard is back, and he's not coming back onto the video game bowl without some extra side dishes! Mass Effect 3 brought a major new installment to the series, and its Campaign rocked the Mass Effect world whether you liked it or not. Fortunately, it was a brand new, shiny, positive upbringing and enjoyable experience...that is...until the dreaded Ending. However, to be honest, I personally believe there are far too many pros that overshadow the major con this game contains, and shouldn't be looked down upon for that one major flaw. The gameplay is fluent and lively, the emotions this game packs more power than a fist in your face, and the customization is grand!

Now most Mass Effect fans also had another pro about this game : The Multiplayer! Now you can experience the expanded Mass Effect Universe by challenging friends and buddies in various gametypes such as "Galaxy At War". Also, the different classes are splendid, and include, the Asari, Krogans, Turians, Humans, Vorcha, and more!


This island, open world First-Person Shooter delivers the awe to the some! The graphics in this video game are breathtaking, as you leap across mountains, encounter pirates in dimly lighted camps, or glide as your scrape across the sky searching for rivals to defeat. There are also lots of interactive features in the island, such as the animals. The Story is magnificent, and Jason Brody is a believable character, first a partying guy slowly turns into a menacing, more aggressive killer as he searches for his friends. Vaas is also one of the best and craziest antagonists I've ever played with/against and experienced. Co-Op is also a very fun option in this game.

Multiplayer is fun too, and although it has a hint of generic shooter in it, it, altogether, is an enjoyable gaming experience. What else to furfill your Far Cry 3 needs but a Multiplayer to pit yourself against other players to see how you rank against the world?


The newest installment to the blockbuster, time-jumping stealth based Assassin's Creed series is Assassin's Creed III, and boy does this game shine from the others! The setting has drastically changed to the Revolutionary War, and you're (or rather Connor Ketway) pit against the entire British army! The new environment allows for even better parkour, and improved, sleeker combat systems, graphics, and weather changes. What's more epic than facing off against a ton of British soldiers while raining? Not a lot of things!!! I really liked Connor, and although he isn't my favorite (Altair is), I still enjoyed his character a lot. Also, seeing him try and resolve problems with the Templar peacefully was a good twist.

Coupled with amazing single-player is the improved Multiplayer. My most favorite feature is when you are either the Hunter (which tries to find the other player) or the Prey (who attempts to disguise themselves in the huge crowd). It really is a delight to succeed as a Prey though. Oh yeah, and TOMAHAWK CHOP!!!


Okay, before we start reviewing this game, I have to declare a major con I have with this game (perhaps my only negative critic of it) : CLAP TRAP; CHARACTER OF THE YEAR??? Really??? C'mon! I mean, Clap Trap is funny and all, but does he really deserve the #1 Character slot? I don't think so.. There are numerous other characters that deserved it, such as Vaas, Connor, Master Chief, etc.

Alright, now that we have that cleared, we can focus on the pros, which isn't hard to find once you play this masterpiece of a video game. Borderlands 2 takes everything the original Borderlands had, improved it tenfold! The cartoony/wacky graphics in this game really bring out the personality it contains and mixes in all the successful elements of an RPG and FPS game alike, such as countless special guns and shield systems. Who doesn't want to play as a gun-toting Hispanic midget, or an alien armed with stealth and awesome armor? However, the most distinctive factor Borderlands 2 carries is its amazing tributes/easter eggs, which include Batman (Rakkman), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Minecraft, and various (not to mention hilarious) jabs at Mad Moxxi's relationship between Handsome Jack, Axton the Commando, and Marcus. And what better to have up to 3 friends team up to explore Pandora with you for better loot (although the enemies get really stronger, which isn't good against The Warrior).


The Walking Dead is possibly the best adventure zombie game I've ever played in my entire life. Where it lacks in the area of having no Multiplayer, I don't mind a single bit since it has its deep, emotional, and engaging 5 episodic campaign with master storytelling. Lee and Clementine are one of my favorite Walking Dead characters as of now, and Lee being my #1 favorite (yes, even more so than Rick Grimes). While your decisions effecting the story at all can be questionable at times, you barely notice as you hitch on for a ride on this train (no pun intended) of awesome zombie action.

Infamous for killing off their characters relentlessly, The Walking Dead : The Game doesn't disappoint when it comes to that certain hype/curse. I won't tell you who, when, why, or where, but each death is emotional and will make you want to replay past Episodes just to experience their presence in the game..not that I did that...ever...


Did you seriously expect some other game as Numero Uno? Did you? Well you shouldn't have if you knew who I am. Halo 4, easily the most anticipated video game of 2012, if not the past few years after Halo 3. What makes this game deserve the #1 Spot in my 2012 Video Games list? Well for a start there's the breathtaking graphics Halo 4 surprisingly delivered. Sure, Halo : Reach had decent graphics, but it wasn't anything like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2. Halo 3 was vastly impressive for a 2007 game, and holds its own in terms of graphics even today, but it isn't enough to make Halo recognizable for its graphics. 343 had enough of that and really improved the Halo franchise graphic-wise with this installment. From beautiful, alien Forerunner landscapes and detailed weapons, to the hulking MJOLNIR IV armor customization options and armor abilities, Halo 4 doesn't let down its fans in regards to eye-candy.

As for the Campaign, Halo 4 yet again brings to the table another achievement to boast about, and marks a major event in the entire Halo Universe with the death of a major character, and the return of another entire race : The Forerunners. Another gripping theme of this Halo game is exploring more about Master Chief/John's humanity, and Cortana's, which can be viewed as a metaphor of the UNSC's struggle against a foe greater than the Covenant itself. You won't want to miss this game at all if you're a Halo, or even Sci-Fi fan.

Multiplayer is flawless as always, and Halo 4 brings a new array of wonderfully crafted maps, such as a re-imagined Valhalla : Ragnorak, the brightly illuminated close-combat designed Haven, and others such as the open battlefield Exile. These maps are coupled with even more impressive gametypes, such as the original Slayer, Oddball, CTF, and King of the Hill. However, the other gametypes such as Flood, Grifball, and SWAT are also extremely fun to play. If you're looking for a good Multiplayer game to play online, look no further but to the Custom Games Halo 4 possesses. With Forge (which is on-par with Minecraft itself), you can make almost anything your imagination brings up, with any gametype you want (you can even make your own gametype!). I had hours entertaining myself on Harms Way, bashing with my friends in my Warthog to control my hill. This is definitely one of the must-buy video games of the decade.

Honorable Mentions

Anyways, enough of my talking! What are your thoughts on my list? Your own list? Any other lists you want to see me make? Post below to share your thoughts!

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I'm totally down with this list :)

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@texasdeathmatch said:

I'm totally down with this list :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thanks for the review. I'm going to check out Sniper Elite based off your recommendation

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@pooty said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thanks for the review. I'm going to check out Sniper Elite based off your recommendation

It's so awesome man. The X-Ray Kill Cams are spectacular.

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Awesome list! Though I kind of like dishonored over AC3. :)

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I'm not big on shoot 'em ups, but of these picks Dishonored looks AMAZING! O_o

Still peeved about Wesker non-inclusion in RE6 though.

Also, there's a cool video by this dude who tests out all the weapons from Far Cry 3:

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Halo 4 at number 1? Who would have guessed???

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Walking Dead for No 2 was a great shout =D

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nice!!!! Dishonored was a pleasant surprise...

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Love the layout. Still need to play ME3, Dishonored and FC3.  Aside from that, I've completed Halo 4 (and loved it), still need to beat BLands 2 and I just started AC3.

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good list dude

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@k4tzm4n said:

Love the layout. Still need to play ME3, Dishonored and FC3. Aside from that, I've completed Halo 4 (and loved it), still need to beat BLands 2 and I just started AC3.

Borderlands 2 is amazing! And yeah I do try on the layout(s).

@TheAmazingImmortalMan said:

nice!!!! Dishonored was a pleasant surprise...

It really was. I was very surprised when I played it.

@Loki9876: Thanks!

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Awesome list :D

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@guttridgeb said:

Awesome list :D

Thanks man :)

You should make a list of your own.

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I love Fall of and War for Cybertron but I think I love them so much just because they're the only decent Transformers games that we've ever gotten

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@danhimself said:

I love Fall of and War for Cybertron but I think I love them so much just because they're the only decent Transformers games that we've ever gotten

There were some decent ones, but yeah like you said War/Fall for/of Cybertron were easily the best video games for the Transformers franchise. The Nintendo console Transformer video games all felt rushed and just trying to milk the series for more money.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I would but I've only been able to afford 3 games last year (Halo 4, ME3 and AC3) so it would be a pretty short list :P

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I would have put Dishonored higher and Mass Effect 3 as an honorable mention.

I also would have included Max Payne 3

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Look at your Borderlands 2 review... I'm so proud of you. xD

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@deadpoolrules: I didn't aim to disappoint!

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And you didn't.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: ME3 for GOTY! My opinion invalidates yours :p

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@danhimself said:

I love Fall of and War for Cybertron but I think I love them so much just because they're the only decent Transformers games that we've ever gotten

There were some decent ones, but yeah like you said War/Fall for/of Cybertron were easily the best video games for the Transformers franchise. The Nintendo console Transformer video games all felt rushed and just trying to milk the series for more money.

the Transformers Prime game for Wii U was reviewed really well but I was only able to play it for like 3 levels before I just got sick of the poor controls and crappy graphics