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I've seen so many I had to make a forum.

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Naked Brothers Band(I haven't even watched it but have seen commericals)

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bratz .....

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  1. Showgirls movie

  2. JLA TV movie

  3. Hulk movie


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Smallville (Kidding, please don't kill me it was an innocent joke, Honest)

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Jimmy Neutron. And Dean Delvin's Godzilla. I will kill dean delvin when I see him.
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Oh and High school musical anything. The Horror The horror.

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1) Ghost Rider

2) Superman: Returns. It's that bad.

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Inuyasha, Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh, Card Captors.

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totally busted. not that i watch it or anything.

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Movie; the pest. TV show; laguna beach and paris hilton's; the simple life
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Rotten gun says:

"Movie; the pest. TV show; laguna beach and paris hilton's; the simple life
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I liked The Pest...

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High School Musical i hate that movie

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Poor Inuyasha, I was going to dress up as him for Hallowe'en. till I got a better costume anyway :) so ... worsts ... Superman IV, aka the one we blocked from memory ... Starship Troopers 2 was pretty bad .... and The Dresden Files. will stick to the books :(

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Colt Python says:


Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond? How can you hate those shows? Or do you not like comedy?

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Duuuuuddddddddeeeeeeee theres waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many. One sec. alright top 50 worst movies ever made... ever:

50.The wicker Man (the original)



47.Baby Geniuses

46.Son of the mask


  1. White Noise

43.Howard the Duck

42.They stole Hitler's brain

41.The covenant

  1. High School Musical

39.Smokey and the Bandit part 3

38.Gods and Generals

37.Wicker Man (the remake)

36.Sequels to The Nightmare on Elm Street series after the third one

  1. Plan nine from outer space

34.Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla


  1. Sequels to the Friday the 13th series


  1. Cheaper by the Dozen 2

29.Grease 2

  1. The adventures of PLuto Nash



25.Battlefield Earth

Part 2 will be coming soon

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I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to media... It's all white noise to me...

Speaking of White Noise... that's one of the few horror/suspense movies I've seen that I didn't like... I just don't pay attention to genres that don't interest me so I don't have many to complain about.