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Poll: worst black person of all time? read op (15 votes)

lil wayne 67%
sharazad ali 7%
gucci mane 7%
waka flocka 20%

as a black man. i ask this question. more for humor than anything else, but who do you think is the worst black person ever? lol and for the record sharazad just said

"white people! stop telling us black folk jokes in private we don't always wanna laugh! and stop takin us out and tryin to get us to dance all the time! we don't always wanna jig all the time! stop talking to us about sexual thing! its none of your business! and stop always askin us where you can score some drugs!" that's an actual quote btw

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spite lil wayne

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This is not going to end well

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can we keep this lite and just for fun please? someobody is gonna get pissed and make this thread political. and besides i gave options to avoid this kind of thing

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Whoopi Goldberg

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i voted for wacka flocka.

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Lil Wayne. Douche Bag.


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I didn't see an option for "all black people" so I didn't vote. Just kidding, seriously though this thread isn't going to end well. NB4TL.

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Man. I wonder if white men think of "who is the worst white person of all time" ...

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Trayvon Martin.

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ok this is already going south. this was a bad decision on my part @god_spawn

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