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I have some ideas for Marvel Now writers to think about and not muck it up, as they have done in the previous period. 1st the Phoenix Force resurrects Professor X and grants him new life and new begging seeing his dream has been fulfilled. A dark splinter of the Phoenix Force resurrects The Shadow King make him immensely threat not just to coexistence of Humans and Mutants but all life existence in the Universe.

The Avengers go cosmic threats that no single Earth superhero can withstand, (Hint: Silver Surfer an Avenger, Quasar rebirth, Nova, and new Captain Marvel, stem cell clone and Supreme Intelligence download memories).

Fantastic Four bring it back classic and not killing off nor separating family/team. U-Foes and Red Ghost (Hint: Super Apes must go, transfer their powers into artificial lifeforms)? As chief rivals, which include Negative Zone's version of a new Frightful Four and enemies.

Spider Man remarries, have a child with Mary Jane, and brings Spider Girl into the Mainstream Time on Young Avengers team. Get rid of duplicates (such as Thor Girl, Kate Bishop, Hulkling, etc). New Warriors was good concept to the Avengers but got mucked up by writers and stupid stories. Take notes from the Young Justice and Teen Titans over at DC success. Here is my New Young Avengers: Winter Soldier, Spider Girl, Namorita, new Captain Marvel earning rank and mantle; Omega Sentinel, (create a speedster rival the Flash), recreate Rage as a boy learning to use his powers not adult version.

Lastly, Iron Man needs worthy opponents to his genius and technology, (classic was Brand And Hammer corporations) all new competitor with alien technology that will threaten Earth. Hint: the Avengers...

Comments please let me know what you all think.