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Are some people really siding with the woman? The guy was drunk and called her ugly, slapped her on the back of the head two times. And she murders him??? It's not an equivalent reaction. If it was, highschools would be murder camps for bullies.

Are we kidding, folks??? I mean, when people are drunk they can say stupid and hurtful things, I have sometimes (never hit anyone, though) and I am willing to bet some of you have. Do you think that if the other person would have killed you, it would have been fair?

Yes, he's an asshole. But she's a psychopath and a killer. There's no argument to who is worst.

Let's be honest: if the sexes were reversed, everybody would want the man's head on a platter.

I'm against hitting women, and I never have. However, it's still a double standard.

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that knockout kid got shot, i really dont see this being different, the man had it coming if he was beating her.....

This is not a matter of self-defense. The second she left the scene in order to get a weapon, it becomes murder, not self defense. The woman said herself that she was out for revenge, meaning that this was a case of intentional murder.

In the case with the knock out kid, the other person had a gun on him, and used the weapon in self-defense.

Different circumstances. It's not comparable.

Yeah man, I totally changed my opinion really. It is honestly a completely different scenario, don't really know what I was thinking...

Well she is ugly.


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Let's just say both were wrong.

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The real crime is her face

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B!tches be crazy

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What scare me is that people justify killing.

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If you want someone ugly look at Rico Dredd LOL!

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The woman ceased being the victim when she left the confrontation to get a weapon to end the man's life. Simple as that.

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