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Wolverine and Quentin Quire are off planet to try to save the school. Beast, Rachel and a group of students are inside Kitty Pryde trying to save her. Sounds like just another day at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

The Good

This book is so dang good. My biggest problem with the X-Men books lately has been all the doom and gloom. I get that the entire mutant race's survival has been in questions since Scarlet Witch reduced the population. Yes, they are hated and hunted by their enemies. It's okay to have deadly threats but this series is showing that it's possible for an X-Men book to be fun.

Wolverine is doing his best to run the school. He didn't quite realize all the costs that went into running a school, especially when they face constant attacks by their enemies. He felt he had no choice but to take his least favorite but most powerful student out into space in search of finding a fortune. Their destination won't be a walk in the park either.

At the same time, Kitty Pryde has found herself suddenly extremely pregnant. She discovered unfortunately that she is actually infested with a swarm of microscopic Brood. To make matters worse, the school is under attack, again. Life is never easy for the X-Men.

Jason Aaron has smoothly combined the threats and action while infusing the title with loads of humor. Often when books make an attempt at humor, it can feel a bit forced. Nick Bradshaw has also added a lot to the story telling as well as depicting loads of diverse backgrounds in the different settings.

The Bad

This is exactly the kind of comic I needed to read right now.

The Verdict

It's another winning issue for Jason Aaron. Since this title's launch, each issue has been consistently great, funny and full of action. The story takes place in three different places and switches between each with ease that creates perfect pacing. For too long, the X-Men titles have been packed with dark times and deadly threats. Now we still have deadly threats but Jason Aaron manages to cram in a slew of humor as well without it feeling artificial. We have a lot of X-Men titles right now and many of them are fun to read but WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN simply stands out. You always know what you're going to to get. It's a great read and you'll be happy you picked the issue up.