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Yes, no, maybe?

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When I get enough money...

so yes

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Nope. I gave up on consoles once I realized PC's can do the exact same thing.............just 100x better.

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Probably not.

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No I was thinking of getting it for the exclusive Zombie-U, but I did the same thing for my Wii and got it just for Madworld and the resident evil umbrella chronicles it was exclusive that time I think,So anyway I got the Wii for 3 years now and used it around 15 times only.I prefer my PS3.I fear if I get a Wii-U it will lay around gathering dust just like my Wii,I'll wait for PS4 or maybe new Xbox.In fact I am saving for a Xbox I love Gears.

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They got Bayonetta......I can't say what I'ma do at the moment.

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What did you say about mai waifu?

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Nope. I'll be too busy with Halo 4.

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I might not.

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I wasn't really interested in any console at all. I've been in work mode for the last few months - plus I'm still a little bitter about the fact that The Last Guardian still hasn't come out -nor Final Fantasy VS XIII. But then someone started talking about a new Paper Mario game.. and then I remembered.. Oh yeah - Nintendo makes super fun games.

Every generation Nintendo makes my favorite console. There are fantastic games on every console every generation.. but it always seems to be the Nintendo ones that I miss.

So I think so.. probably some time early next year. An early birthday present to myself or something.

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Dont think so

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It depends, if Just Dance 5 is dependent on it than I might have to, luckily Just Dance 4 was not.

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I don't see the point of adding it except making more money, which I will not do.

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I got a Wii. Kept it for.. about five months, then traded it back in. What does that tell you about my feelings on the WII-U?

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I might buy the premium version.