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I was bumded by Micheal Clark Duncan's death because he was a badass, but I will never cry because of a celebrity death because IMO it's very weird

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@tyrus said:

@rogueshadow: @ccraft: Well, the whole world will go crazy no doubt. Just imagine how many "dedicated to Stan Lee" writings would appear at the end of every Marvel film.

I could see that happening

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the only people that i will cry to if they die are people i know intimately. none of them are celebrities

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Sam Jackson a great man?! based on what? Lol. This too funny. And he's the last person that I would shed a tear for if he died. Please.

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Hell no.I don't know them and they don't know me.If I died they wouldn't cry. You should never be so attached to a famous person that you cry when they die.

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Sam Jackson a great man?! based on what? Lol. This too funny. And he's the last person that I would shed a tear for if he died. Please.

You do know I was joking right? Hence the picture of Sam Jackson looking all crazy eyed.

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actually cry.... no... and i doubt I ever will. however I was emotional, mentally and physically moved, when Williiam S Burroughs died. and when Hunter S Thompson died....I was touched when Douglas Adams died, and Stanley Kubrick, I will probably feel it when Michael Moorcock died, and when Nelson Mendela dies I will probably be moved. (all these people in my opinion contributed A LOT to the world)

ohh i guess part of the reason why there are no actors on my list, is I don't care/ they usually die after they are only putting out bad movies, or hit moivies with bad acting on their part... so...maybe the exceptions for me would be Ian Mckellen, Ian Holmes, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Lee, but its hard to say until it happens...

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No, but I was pretty pissed when Michael Jackson died.

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Men don't cry.

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Wow i gotta say i have to change my comment from this thread. I thought i wouldn't feel sad if a famous person passed away but this passed Saturday i was so bummed out with death of Paul Walker. It took me a few minutes because i couldn't believe it but when the 8:00pm news started and saw the lead story was his death it hit me. I didn't cry but i was so sad for the rest of the night and the rest of the weekend.

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I've never cried over a celebrity death. Why would I unless I knew them personally? If I admire their work, I'll care enough to post a message on Facebook about it, and if it's a celebrity I like, I'll maybe think about it for a while, but nah, I don't think any celebrity death would move me to tears.

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Probably not. But Eastwood or Stephen King will probably come the closest to affecting me

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Kanye West would crawl out of his own grave just to cry about his death.

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No, and definitely not for Samuel L. Jackson. He's only famous because of the way he says "mother fucker."

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I cry whenever I hear about anyone dying. Or really just bad things happening to people in general. I know its weird, but I just get vicariously empathetic all the time.

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Cry, no, but I will probably punch something with a rather large amount of force when Stan Lee dies.

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I'll sure as hell cry if Paul Walker ever dies. That'd be the saddest day of my life.

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The real and only Superman.

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Paul Walkers death has me feeling some type of way. I'm still hoping it's just a hoax

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Will Ferrell (seriously if he dies before me there goes all of my happiness)

Judd Apatow (not crying but I'll be pretty bummed out)

Robert Redford

Morgan Freeman (even if he perishes, he will always live on in my heart, narrating the events of my life)

Robert Duvall

Woody Harrelson

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My saddest was James Gandolfini, and I didn't cry.

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When Stan Lee dies, I may shed a single tear.

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Never have, and unless I know them personally, I probably never will.

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I was saddened by Michael Jackson's death and i shared a tear for Amy Winehouse.

I dont know if i can consider Mandela a celebrity, but i surely know i'm gonna cry for him.

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Don't think I've cried, but I have been really down and out. Especially when Ronnie James Dio passed.

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When my favorite musicians, writers, band members die, obviously.

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I feel really saddened and down for the rest of the time, but I don't think I would cry... But when I learned Paul Walker died, even though I wasn't a fan of his work, I was dangerously close to crying due to the sad and terrible (and ironic) way he died.

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@racob7 said:

When Stan Lee dies, I may shed a single tear.

Stan Lee is never going to die, he need to do another 8990 cameos.

When Heath Ledger died i was angry, the guy made 2 amazingly strong performances in Candy and Brockeback Mountain, he had everything in his future.

Micheal Jackson made me cry, i never belive he was going to die like that, it was a lesser ending for such an amazing human being.

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I think the majority doesn't cry..But it does bum you out a lot. Death already brought it up but I was going to say I think a few years back some cried about Jackson's death

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Nope. and IMO if you do............that's absolutely ridiculous.

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I don't really care about any of those people.

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I don't cry anymore.

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Ehh, honestly the only thing that makes me cry is seeing someone I care about cry. With all the deaths of people I've been close to, I never seem to cry. I just feel content that they are at peace.

But if I had to choose an actor of the top of my head I'd be the saddest over, it'd be Jensen Ackles. Ik he's young, but from what you've seen with Paul Walker recently, and many others over the years..accidents happen. I've watched him grow from a raw, yet potentialed young actor. To a ranged, underated, hilarious, should be A-list talent.

Also a more obvious choice, for so many more obvious reasons, Sir Ian Mckellan.

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It really depends. I mean I cried for days when Heath Ledger died cause I looked up to him soooo much professionally. I couldn't even watch some of my favourite movies he was in for a few years.

Otherwise, no. I mean I feel bad and think it's sad but I won't cry if it doesn't touch me personally.

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Even if they die in front of me.. zero fu*ks given..

But if its a comic or anime character well thats another story..

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What about fictional characters? :)