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Ps has almost nothing for me, yet if these x-box rumors are anywhere true, then I switch, really I only get games that are cross platforms , so Its all goody in a black hoodie

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If I was to get one I would get a PS4 because I never really liked x-box to begin with.

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I most likely won't be getting a PS4 especially if it cost an arm and a leg which I know it will. If the rumours are true about the xbox I won't be getting it either I think I'll just become a full PC player.

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I really love how it seems the majority of people complaining about the new xbox is its size. Yet we haven't even seen the PS4, well except blury teaser trailers with quick snap shots of exhaust grills and angles. The other is, "I need to be online to blah blah blah" no you don't.. which I wish they would have put those rumors to rest during the revile and not after on GametrailerTV, the first question the host asked.

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Stupid always-online feature...

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Ill be buying a PS4 at release, ive had a PS since the first now so all the game series I know is on it.. Never liked the games for Xbox and I feel like theres more kids screaming on it.

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Xbox first then PS4 later.

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I will stick to my computer :p

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I'm going to wait until there prices go down.

As long as lots people still play on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 I'm happy :)

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Both, after a couple years. I am still really enjoying the current gen consoles (I guess they arent current anymore, but you get it).

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Both. I'll purchase them in the order they come out.

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Originally I would have bought both eventually, but after hearing about the colossal screw up press conference they did to reveal the "Xbox One", I'm going to only buy a PS4. If Microsoft does not do away with the game tethering, where you have to pay a fee to play a used game, I will refuse to support them.

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PS4. I'm not even touching the Xbox 1 or whatever its called. Ugh, Microsoft.

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This is mostly the reason why I like PlayStation more

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I'll get a PS4. InFamous: Second Son looks good.

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PS4 after a year from it's release.

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Not planning on buying either, but if I had to pick one, I'd probably go with Sony's system. Everything I've seen of the new Xbox so far has convinced me that Microsoft's plan is to make a product that will make Windows Vista look great by comparison.

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I have gotta check prices first.

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Holy crap man. This reminds me of Gamespot's system wars all over again.

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To all those considering buying the Xbox one...


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ps3. then ps4. nothing against xbox360, just never cared about xbox and their exclusive games. and xbox one sounds really bad right now.

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I got the PS, I got the ps2, I wanted the ps3 but got the 360 instead(long story.) I finally bought the ps3 last year. Yes last year, so I'm in no rush to buy anything right now. On top of that I hardly play anymore.

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I play mainly PC, but I'll keep my 360 for a few games (SSX, UMvC3, Halo 3) and buy a PS3 once that drops down.

Next-gen is terrible, the only one I have any marginal interest in is the Wii U.