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i have an avi file saved on my laptop and i want to play it on my ps3 through my media server connection....this has been no problem in the past but this just this one file will not play the ps3 says that it's unsupported data....can anyone help?

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Sony and Microsoft, other than that, i have no idea, try MPeG

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possibly the AVI file uses a different codec...

most AVI's are a basic Audio / Video interlaced based codec but some can be encoded with DIVX, Xvid or a couple of hundred other codecs...

check the codec by downloading G-Spot, if it's not a basic one then you want to find something that will convert it to a normal AVI file for the PS3 to read


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Take this question over to Giantbomb

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The PS3, just like the PS2 has an embedded MPGE2 decoder. So any file not supported by the MPGE2 will not play.. But the special thing about the PS3 is that you can just simply update it. keep in mind that the PS3 will play files only under the MPGE2 codecs, so in order to by-pass PS3 to play AVI files is to "convert" the AVI files to MPEG2. You can try Linux to convert it, but that would be less simpler than just having Nero convert it for you. Remember to use your MediaHome via the PS3.


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thanks guys....and i did take this to giantbomb and i actually did that first that was an hour and a half ago and have yet to get a response...   @ perfect cell- i have avs video converter and i started to convert it to mpeg...i have the free version since i don't have the money to buy an expensive program like nero....but anyway it says it's going to put a watermark in the center of the screen on the movie....any other files you know of that'll do the converting for me?

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Now I feel like an idiot for not being able to help

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