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 I have been critical of Barack Obama over a number of issues( military trials at Gitmo et al) but his eloquent defence of free speech(with the "Innocence of Muslims" controversy still fresh in memory) in his recent UN address to the General Assembly was one of the finest of his entire Presidency. Pointing out that as much as his Administration sympathized with Muslim ire over the "blasphemous" portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed in the film, he nonetheless reiterated America's constitutional commitment to the freedom of expression.
Some may argue( like feminists do vis a vis pornography) that a "teensy-weensy" exception to the First Amendment won't matter- but the trouble is, EVERYBODY has a "teensy-weensy" exception to the concept of free expression and fundamentalist Muslims get their way and get "defamation of religion" declared a crime how long before it before other faiths- to say nothing of secular states- demand similar "protection". No, there should be no"ring-fencing of Islam"( or any other religious /political view). Either be respectful of all faiths(even say, scientology or notoriously violent cults) or none whatsoever but if you want sacred cows then emigrate to the Indian subcontinent!

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@Paracelsus: I still think its bullsh** that everyone seems to think the entire nation is responsible for one idiot posting a possibly fake trailer for an obviously sh**ty movie on Youtube. There are thousands of videos on there mocking literally every religion and cult, as well as atheists and agnostics, why is this video getting so much of a reaction?

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I'm slightly biased but Obama might be the best ever POTUS when it comes to speech giving, the man just has a way with words.

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After a little bit of research you'll find that the protests weren't actually about the "Movie" it was already going on when it was brought up. So it wasn't the cause just a bit of gas thrown on the fire.