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When I first started watching the show when I was like in 5th grade I loved it.But now with time I understand why people may hate it.

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Can't stand the show myself. I read this interesting article where a few people conducted some experiments with a group of "fans" of the show. They presented to each group of people the same episode, only one group had a laugh track and one didn't. They found, interestingly enough, that the laugh track group only laughed when presented with the track itself, while the opposite group barely broke a smile at the same jokes (Keep in mind both these groups claimed to be huge fans of the show). They came to the conclusion that often times the material itself wasn't funny; rather, people laughed because they thought they SHOULD laugh according to the laugh track. When the laugh track was removed, they didn't know when to laugh, and it showed.

I'll try to find the article. It was a really interesting read.

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@bluff_ said:

This was pretty sad. Without faceless people to laugh at the crumby jokes there was literally zero appeal here. They all actually seemed bitter (which was funny in its own way).

Every single sitcom have these moments.

On topic, I haven't liked BBT as much since the recent seasons. I hate the character development for some of the characters. But still, I do switch on to it and get at least one good laugh for most episodes, it's not terrible just not as good as people have said it has been.

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It's just terrible.

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Because some people on the internet think they're incredible critics. I think a lot of people seem to get too much satisfaction out of simply not liking something, which is strange. Then, and I can't stress this enough, due to watching a couple of online reviewers, or watching some random clips on YouTube, or reading an article or two they deem themselves experts on the matter and are more than eager to share their wisdom with those that are not fortunate enough to possess their gifted brains.

The bottom line is that looking at the faults of a sitcom is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Just sit back and enjoy the show and if you can't, tune to something else and put it behind you.

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@kgb725 said:

Haters gonna hate


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Anything popular is going to have hate. From what I understand, it's one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. I find it entertaining, but haven't watched it as much as I used too from when it first started. As someone stated on here already, the joke is starting to wear thin.

....and yes they are mainly DC fanboys because Warner Bros either owns or runs the show from what I understand

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Although the show has some good moments, the ... geek community doesn´t look good people to public. Penny has scenes and mentioned that when goes to comic book store, guys dont stop staring to her and two guys had a hearth attack just she pass by them. But there was episode where girl goes to read comic books like in book club and funny moment.

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@partialsanity: You don't have to be an "incredible critic" to know that TBBT is a poorly made show.

I won't go too far into character development, since this is a sitcom and that isn't TOO expected. I'll just say the CD is horrible.

The show's writing is awful. Some of the worst I've ever seen. The jokes are all repetitive and follow the same formula:

Stimulus + Nerdy Speech = Snarky Comment

The show has one of the loudest and most frequently used soundtracks ever in a sitcom, which is included to compensate for the lack of funny material. Without the laugh track, "fans" of the show were shown scenes and didn't know when to laugh. There are clips on Youtube that show some of the "funniest" scenes from the show, and I sat absolutely straight faced through the entire thing.

Sheldon is an arrogant asshole... Which is explained by him having autism. Real classy move there, writers. My cousin has autism and is one of the coolest little shits I've ever met.

The other characters are stupid and predictable stereotypes, with recycled jokes.

It baffles me that a show as poorly made as this is the number one comedy on television, when there are so many better and well made options. Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, HOIMYM, are all better options. Hell, I hated Two and a Half Men, and I would suggest it over TBBT.

All in all, it's a poorly written and recycled show.

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I love TBBT!

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Sorry...your post in the thread you tried to make earlier...this is it, word for word, yes? And, sorry if that makes me sound like a pretentious douche. Its a good argument, and belongs in this thread.

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Not my type of show, some of my friends love it though.

I think most people dislike it for it's portrayal of the characters within the show.

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@nerdork: Oh, sorry. Yeah, I posted this as a reply and then thought it should have its own thread.

Guess not lol.

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I think its one of the better bad shows on the air right now... I don't make a big deal about tuning in for every episode, but if there's nothing else on, I'll watch it and I usually laugh once or twice.

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Everyone likes different things. for me the question is, why is big bang theory so popular? i'm simply not entertained by it. I've watched a decent # of Episodes at a friends house who likes it, never laughed even once....