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There are so many reasons why female heroes and villains make comic book sales sky rocket and it's not because they symbolize sex. They symbolize that a woman can do just as much if not sometimes more than a man. Heroines like Wonder Woman and Storm are powerful creatures who can be docile at the same time. They show that there are other sides than just brute strength. They mix together powerful leader like qualities that can be respected and loved in every generation. They take after the wonderful and beautiful goddess Athena who was known as the goddess of wisdom. She was the patron goddess of Athens and the goddess of war. The reason why Athena was more loved by the people than Ares is because she is known to think before acting. Ares was known not to think and often run away from battle after battle(I'm talking about actual Greek mythology here look it up people) instead of sitting and continuing the battle. Wonder Woman brings back the heart of women who are warriors. She shows that women can be strong and powerful while women still expect the truth above all else! We women look to her because of her love of honesty and her ability to get to the root of the problem and dig it out painfully if she must. She has never completely said men were idiots, but she's more than willing to prove herself and not just talk a bunch of crap. Storm is known as the maternal character. She's powerful, but she holds back because she has to. Yet, if you mess with one of her kids(any member of the school) she will become like a mother bear and rip a person to shreds. She holds onto her beliefs no matter how many around her give in. She's the calm nature of the storm while inside she's holding back years of hurt and turmoil and yet you never hear her complain. She's like a woman whose heart has been scarred and bruised and unlike most people just randomly becoming explosive she never loses her poise. These are just two women who keep their teams together. They're the glue whether many recognize it or not. They have led their teams and then politely stepped aside when another leader or the original leader returned. I want every one to post about their favorite female heroes and why. I will not tolerate any one dissing another hero just to make theirs look better. If you couldn't tell I'm a Wonder Woman and Storm fan girl all the way!

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I love the ladies, too. :)

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I honestly felt bad that I wasn't a big fan of any female characters in comics. I mean I enjoyed some, but I never felt like a fan. 
Luckily the new Captain Marvel series changed that, and I think I'm a least a bit of a fan of Carol(I don't know everything about her, but I certainly enjoying reading stuff with her in it).  
I think the reason I had trouble finding female characters I liked in comics is that I used to read almost exclusively Spider-Man comics, where most female heroes and villains aren't very good to be honest.

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Meh. Outside of She-Rulk (and only very barely in that regard) , most of the girls are just their to show off their jugs.

Vampirella, Red Sonja, She Hulk (who, while actually dressed up, still manages to be a green porn star while at it), some of Storms more extreme costumes.

The list goes on.

Then again I'm biased that way. Being the healthy rare single straight female in the comic fan category, I like looking at strapping guys than scantily clad girls.

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Yep, some of the most interesting characters are female. Wonder Woman for example.

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She Rulk has had her fair share of indecent exposure. The infamous Domino incident. X.x

Nice article!

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Oh God, you just had to remind me of that.

At least now she wears a sleeveless Kevlar suit thing that looks cool. She-Hulk may or may not still have the same outfit she had in Fall of the Hulks (she can't pick a single definite costume now, can she?)

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Sexist! Hehe! Kidding.

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Nice blog, great to see another female fan express the reasons why they favour certain characters, especially female ones.

I adore Rogue -- broken people always get me so this carries over to X-23 as well. There are so many that I enjoy, Storm included and villain-wise, Mystique I always hated to love. Ruthless - but still capable of loving those dear to her but in a warped way.

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Why is it that to me, most female characters in every media seem like total b*tchs?

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two of my favorite female characters and two that scare me

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Lol thanks every one! I'm loving this! It's nice to see some love for the ladies!

I know how you feel, but I'd be a bitch too if I had guys staring at my breasts all the time or if I was only allowed to wear tight clothes jk jk. Not every woman is a bitch. A lot of them put up the facade of that because of what they had to deal with just to get where they are. Women for years have been treated as second class citizens and it hasn't been until recently that we're allowed to work, vote, and etc. So because of that women feel the need that when they get a position of power, they can't let any one take it from them because it's been proven time and time again that people tend to think men deserve more power than women. It's something that has been instilled in us and I think it's just something we have to change in ourselves.

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I love this!

My favorite female superhero is Storm (of course). She has been through a lot of crap since she was a child, and being a mutant only made things worse for her. But through it all, her conscious is sound enough to keep her powers in check. She needs her own book, and if i wrote it, i would call it "The tales of the Windrider"

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Nice post.

I love superheroines and always have, and like you I have some serious love for Storm and Wonder Woman along with dozens of others.

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Well said, I prefer reading females for some of these reasons! I really like female characters that can be strong and idependant without neccesarily becoming anti-male.