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Didn't Loki get his Asgardian attributes and his magic from odin? So why doesn't he take them away even though loki goes crazy and allways trys to take over asgard...

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Good question. I'm not entirely studied up on Marvel lore, but he isn't techniqually an Asguarding, so that might have to do with it. Or it's a plot hole.

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because he's such a great father

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where did you hear this from? Loki's attributes and magic have nothing to do with odin, aside from the fact that odin opened him up to a much wider world than he would of experienced if he remained with the frost giants.

His magic is all a result of training and studying, he's one of the smartest people in asgard, and in terms of his appearance he was just a freak among the giants, small and peach in complexion, frost giants didnt start looking blue and icy until later years.

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That's actually a pretty good question. I don't know what the in universe reason is but I do know from a meta standpoint is that if Odin took away Loki's powers, Marvel would be screwing themselves over because then there would be no more stories to tell.

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That's a pretty good question, why doesn't he turn him into an amnesiac cripple like he did Thor?

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Odin adopted Loki after he killed Loki's father. he probably feels remorse for killing Loki's dad. also Odin remembers what happened to Thor when Odin kept messing with him. He doesn't want to make the same mistake twice.

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Maybe he's hoping loki will finally change and taking away loki's powers will get rid of that hope.

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odin didn't give loki his powers. loki learned from tomes of knowledge and uses the norn stones. sure odin can render him powerless but that's because he's a skyfather.

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Because his punishments as far as I've seen have been much worse than simply stripping him of his power.

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Because it would make for a crappy story. Me being the honest one.

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Or it's a plot hole.

So that means God not taking away the Devil's powers is also a plot hole... Nyahahahahaha!

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@kingofash said:

Or it's a plot hole.

So that means God not taking away the Devil's powers is also a plot hole... Nyahahahahaha!

Just one of many.

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Why dont super villains get executed by the state is a much better question.