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great income like (400K a year) ultimately become police officers, FBI agents, etc.

Seriously??? Why the f-k do these morons do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Seriously. There's a guy like you every few months with the same crime fixation, and I'm pretty sure you're all the same.

Why haven't you been banned yet?

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@JediXMan: He's already had a few threads on here today like this one. One asking why everyone in the FBI and CIA are all evil and corupt. Another saying that Pablo Escobars was a hero. Just non-sensical.

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@tg1982: Love your Wasp avatar!

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@charlieboy: Thanks!!! I wasn't really a Wasp fan until Avengers: EMH and then I started reading up on her, Rodger Stern's Avengers: Under Siege, and Busiek's Avengers Forever, in particular, and now she's one of my favorite characters.

I love your Shadowcat avatar! I really liked her back in the Excalibur days.

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@tg1982: The Wasp has always been one of my favorite Avengers. Both of the storylines you mentioned are great. I also was a huge fan of Excalibur. I miss that book.

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@charlieboy: Yeah, I put up this avatar in honor of her return, and Excalibur was great, Kurt, Kitty, and Meggan were my favorites. And I can only hope that Remender does Janet justice in Uncanny Avengers. He seems to like her alot, so that's a plus.

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@tg1982: I am very much looking forward to her joining the team. I love the book so far. I am so happy they brought her back. Bendis had a nasty habit of getting rid of my favorites like Janet and Wanda.

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@charlieboy: Yeah. At least when Brubaker killed off Captain America (my favorite) he did it in a tastefull and true way. Lol.

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@tg1982: Brubaker's run on Cap was amazing. Also loved his run on Catwoman. Probably the best ever for that character.

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@charlieboy: I didn't read that. I'll have to check it out. I'm mostly a Marvel fan but I have been wanting to branch out into DC, sadly right now, money (or lack here of) is kind of an issue. Any recommendations?

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