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And why

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The Punisher,still is my hero ^^
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Of All Time: Jesus Christ

Living: Probably my mom and dad. I wish I could re-live the time with my mom, it was too short, her passing away. Both of them are great people and role models.

Comics: Well, back when I was younger, I really liked Spiderman and Batman, they were probably my comic heroes.
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Dick Tracy
Raphael from TMNT
Astro boy

in the real world is Jackie Chan!! He rules
I think that's it I'm not sure but yea

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In TV - Buffy or Angel
In Books - Harry Potter rofl
In real life - Dwayne Johnson

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The One and Only Calvin!
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Real Life: Parents

Literature: Hanuman

Books: Spidey

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real life: jamie hacking


tv:uh riddick??

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My childhood heroes was Spiderman and Batman (I watched the animated series, got the toys, read the comics etc.). And they are pretty much still my heroes..!

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my role model has always been my youth minister, whom I forced onto this site

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In real life - Yeshua

In comics - Black Adam
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Holden Caulfield, though he's more of an anti-hero i guess.

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wolverine. i liked his fighting and he was funny

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Spider-man. When I start gaining my memory abilites it was around the time of the Spider-man TAS. So, I was sort of born into him and loved the series.

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My Dad was always been my idol when I was a kid and still is.  In comics, it was Captain America because he remined me of my Dad!   Plus, he is my best friend!

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Shadow Huntress. She kept me on track.

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Spike Lee

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BatgirlBabs said:
"Shadow Huntress. She kept me on track."

i thought you was gonna say Batman
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BatgirlBabs said:
"Shadow Huntress. She kept me on track."

but for mine:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bobby's World!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Captain Planet
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captain planet XDDDDDDDDDDDD
if i see one of the kids at school drop the milk carton
i would be like
and throw my bean burito at them

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Those people are awesome!

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Venom (Eddie Brock) 
No really... I'm serious. Still is. XD
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Because she is bada$$ :D
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Captain America - When I was younger Cap was what I thought every guy should be like.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Why? Because they were anthropomorphic turtles that had cool weaponry and were funny. It's like someone got high and created awesome incarnate.
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 Jim Henson
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Spider-Man and Aladdin.
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Wolverine, after getting back into the books I have switched to Captain America.
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@Vance Astro said:
" Spike Lee "
This isn't even true..why did I say this?
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Tom Hanks

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My dad and Batman. I was obsessed with the animated series.

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 The Tick
Because the show on Fox was awesome.
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The Brown Hornet from Fat Albert.
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 Jim Henson
He was one of mine too, well not really him but Kermit and Dr. Teeth. He was dead actually before I had time to know who he was but he still was one of them, really he is today too.
Another one was Steve Irwin. I was always into animals but he made me want to learn all about them, and I still try too.
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the obvious answer was my parents....
aside from that Bruce Lee.... i ended  up taking martial arts and stuff.
Comics: Wolverine.... join the military got muscled out, did the drinking, cigar chomping and alley bar fighting and a motorcycle.... i think realistically logan was my actual role model and not in a good way... although not many ppl will screw with me thats a plus.. but i did end up in the hospital more then once thats a bad thing
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Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. I grew up watching their animated shows.

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Real Life: JC 
Comics: Superman.   
Today: My sons are my heroes.
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 Optimus Prime! And he's still awesome ^^
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 Hakuna Matata baby. Feel the love. 

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@Andferne said:

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Wonder Woman  - Because she fought for truth, justice, and peace, and defied stereotypes.  

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He-Man and Skeletor I loved the cartoon television show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe created by a cartoon company known as Filmation while the action figures, battle vehicles, and battle fortress were made by a toy company known as Mattel. 
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My childhood hero was definatley  
Wolverine and Storm...I idolized X-Men Aminated (90's)
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@robbiesol said:
"Real Life: JC"

John Cena?
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Dragon tales cast because they made me wanna fly in the land of dragons.