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You'v got your Heracles, Achilles, Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh ect but who in your opinion was the greatest?

*No full gods aloud*

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Hercules, although my favorite would be Achilles or Theseus.

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Pootie Tang

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Hercules, of course!

No question. No doubt.

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Gilgamesh hands down

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Odysseus is probably the greatest off the top of my head. If I had a list I could probably come up with a better one...maybe.

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Yu the Great is probably it >.>

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My favorite is Hercules. Dude finds out his friend's wife died, what's his response? Go and just beat the crap out of death of course!

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Gilgamesh and Ulysses

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The Monkey King. FTL, has a pole that can grow to any length and width and weighs something ridiculous, and can make tons of himself from his hair.

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Odysseus, Hercules or if the mood strikes me Diomedes.

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I want to say King Arthur.

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Eternal Warrior



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Pai Mei of Kill Bill Fame. His Older Films are dope!

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Hercules. he beat everybody, he even accidentally killed a woman that he loved... figuring out that he loved her after the fight was done

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Greatest in a fight? Achilles

Greatest in terms of what they did in life? Hercules

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Oh! Leonidas is not mythological...

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Lykopis -- (She-Wolf)

Greatest Amazonian Archer (and Warrior) of Queen Andromache:

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does kratos count. if so him

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Greatest in battle was probably Cu Chulainn. If I remember my history he flat out couldn't be beaten in combat.

My favorite is Odysseus though. His stories are alot more interesting.

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You guys should read this book.

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Conan or Achillies

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Perseus because i like him more...

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Ah! The Tragic hero. He is the Greatest Hero in the Mahabharata and was only defeated by Arjuna by a lot of outside help. In my culture (I'm Indian btw), not many people worship him. Still, one my favorite characters.

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@lykopis: Ah, so that's what your name means.

Anyway, I pick David, King of Judah.