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Who makes the best Superhero Movie Theme/OST? (19 votes)

John Williams - Original Superman 11%
Danny Elfman - Burton Batmans, Raimi Spider-mans 16%
Hans Zimmer - Man of Steel, Nolan Trilogy 32%
Alan Silvestri - The Avengers, Captain America 5%
Craig Armstrong - Incredible Hulk 0%
Patrick Doyle - Thor 0%
AC/DC - Iron Man 32%
Others 5%
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Dat Batman and Dat Spider-man

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Oh god... Danny Elfman, John Williams and Hans Zimmer are in a league of their own mate. But kudos to Brian Tyler on Iron Man 3 and especially to Patrick Doyle on Thor.

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Batman Returns and both Kill Bills are 3 of my favourite soundtracks of all time.

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Hans Zimmer makes the best music (period) In every movie.

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Gahh so many choices, I can't make up my mind.

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I love Brody Dalle and the Distillers.......

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Anyone knows who took the Batman Danny Elfman theme and upped it up a wee bit more with vocals for Mask of the Phantasm?

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John William-Superman SPITE STOMP! but who ever did the music to Kick-Ass was awesome as well.

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Nolan films, MOS and I'd say Back to the Future Alan Silvestri then Kick Ass.

Also, Terminator music is easily up there for me!

Of course I think original Superman soundtrack is arguably the most recognizable, epic film music

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Hanns Zimmer is pretty forgetable compared to Danny eflman

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Danny elfman and john williams makes the classics but Hans Zimmer gets me addicted for years.