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Poll: who is hotter Megan Fox or Kate Upton or Rosie Huntington Whiteley? (37 votes)

Megan Fox 38%
Kate Upton 43%
Rosie Huntington Whiteley 19%

Megan fox?

Kate Upton?


Rosie Huntington Whiteley?

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Megan Fox.

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sorry, not attracted to anorexic b*tches.

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do not get what you mean none are really anorexic and all are definitely hot.

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None of em really have an attractive body. But if I had to choose based on face, I'd choose Whiteley.

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None of them.

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Fox almost too easily.

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How long until the Comic Vine creeper brigade arrives?

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Megan Fox because she just drop dead gorgeous.

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To answer the question, Upton beats out the other two. But to be honest, I have a long list of Hollywood women who I find attractive..and these three aren't even on it.

I would replace Megan Fox with Alison Brie

Replace Kate Upton with Alice Eve

And replace Rosie with Scarlet Johansson

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Well that's easy. I'd say...uhhh...ummm...uhhhhhh...

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Alison Brie is no way near as hot as Megan fox.

Alice Eve is hot but Kate Upton as an amazing ass.

And well Scarlett just rules.

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@karenlover: You're crazy if you think Megan Fox is better looking than Brie.

Alice is prettier and has a better body than Upton, and yes, Scarjo does rule.

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Kate Upton has this in the bag in my opinion. Not a fan of Rosie's lips or Megan's covered up freckles.

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Like I said before; Upton all day every day.

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Megan Fox does look better and Upton has a much hotter body.

Alice and Brie are only hot in a girl next door way.

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Nobody opposes Megan the fox

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Fox. Best body and best face easy. Austin Green is on my people I need to kill list. Ans I thought Jennifer's Body was actually really good, she did a decent albeit not great there.