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I love the Halo series and my favourite game is Reach. Can't weight for Halo 4! The Chief is calling me. He is Captain America but cooler.

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Me. I love Halo.

Can't wait for Halo 4. Whooo!!!!!

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I am...although I never actually owned any of the Halo installments.

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I just want them to make a movie already.

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Well as you can tell by my avatar. I despise Halo.

It's my favorite game. Ever. Also Chief >>>>> Cap

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I own Halo 1,2, and 3 and have played Reach some. I will be buying 4 when it comes out though :)

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Absolutely adore it.

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I love Halo. IMO it's better then any Call of Duty.

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I'm quite a big fan of Halo

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I'm a humongous fan of Halo. I love everything about it from the main cannon to the surrounding universe. There is just so much to be explored.

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Yeah. I wonder what everyone thinks when they find out that the Chief is alive. I'm a Colonel Grade 2 on Reach. Too bad I have to start over again on 4.