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Or whatever it may be called, there are many viable candidates, but I really don't wish to see an older actor tackle the role, removes him as a contemporary of Superman [Should be within 5 years, either older or younger] as well as making future movies minimal. They could replace him with other members of the Bat family, but to me, Bruce Wayne is Batman, I find it very difficult to like others putting on the Cowl. I know lots of people may not agree, I can't help but really want Tyler Hoechlin to portray him, then follow it up with an Arkham Asylum film.

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@rogueshadow: i really dont want a older batman either. I made a forum of all the reasons its a bad idea a week ago. I also wouldnt mind tyler as batman but i doubt they will pick him. But who knows he may have already got the role.

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I seriously hope Ryan Gosling does not get it or else I will cry. Don't know who Tyler is but I'd like them to just give it to Bale. Probably won't happen, so I don't know. They should've stuck to a superman solo sequel and not rushed this.

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@silkyballfro94: Why Not Ryan Gosling? There are people I'd prefer, but I'm not adamantly against him.

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@rogueshadow: I can't imagine Gosling as him because of his voice and well he just doesn't have a Bruce Wayne face or even look the type. But hey thats my opinion.

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Josh Brolin

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seriously stop making these threads theres 5 each day its getting annoying!! just take 5 seconds before you make a post to see if its been done!! i bet if you just type in man of steel 2 or even batman u get 20 of these!!!!

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I don't. I'm sick of Batman in movies. Give somebody else a chance already.

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I don't like anybody on WB's list but I've always thought Patrick Wilson would be a good Batman

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damn, so many of the same thread

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I just hope the name of the movie isn't going to be Batman vs Superman or Superman vs Batman. That is the most stupid name ever. In my opinion.

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If it's a 40-something year old guy like some of the rumors are saying, I'd say go with Josh Halloway. He'd be my first choice for a few reasons.

1) He's relatively unknown, so it will make it easier to accept him as the face of Batman.

2) The guy can act. He made a serious name for himself in LOST and has scored some Hollywood supporting appearances, including Mission Impossible 4.

3) He's one of the few actors that I can see being both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Josh Brolin's name has been thrown around a lot. As Batman I can see it, but as Bruce, he would come off looking like a grandpa. We've also heard Jake Gyllenhaal who would make a great Bruce, but c'mon, would that really be a Batman to inspire fear?

4) He's got the scowl down pat.

5) Because Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale aren't available (apparently).

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I like Gerald Butler honestly, he's perfect for a middle aged Batman and proved he's a badass in 300 and Olympus Has Fallen, I can sooo see him as Batman.

Or Josh Brolin, please NO goslin...

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i want bale. i know its not happening, but that would be ideal

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Josh Brolin or Bale again. I'd be fine with Scott Adkins.

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The biggestest name in the industry!!!

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lol ^ That's funny.

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@reignmaker: I can get behind Josh Holloway for Batman. He's got a pretty good range when it comes to attitudes. I can see him being serious enough to play Batman and smug enough to be Wayne. His age could be somewhat hidden behind make-up. I think he'd need to bulk up a bit for the role and not every actor is up for that.

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As long as they don't do that dumb "scary" bat-voice, I'm feeling pretty good about whoever...
Though I would love to see Godzilla in that role.

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I don't care who it is. I'm more concerned with how old the stunt double is so we can get fight scenes that are suitable for Batman.