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Which video game villain do you think is the best,most epic,evilest,and the coolest?

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Bowser (Mario)

Ganondorf (Zelda)

Dark Link (Zelda)

Kain Highwind (he kind of was throughout the FFIV series)

Kefka (FFVI)

Sephiroth (FFVII)

Jecht (FFX)

Revolver Ocelot (MGS)

The Sorrow (MGS3)

Big Boss (original Metal Gear)

Grey Fox (MGS)

Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)

Gary Oak (Pokemon)

Silver (Pokemon)

GLaDOS (Portal)

And there's many more I'm too lazy to name and think of.

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Shao Kahn 
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The Pac Man ghosts..... bastards....

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Princess Peach.

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The Joker. 

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Dr. Wily. Despite always being the bad guy in any Mega Man game, he always somehow convinces the world that he's changed his evil ways before being revealed as the villain at the end. :P

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And how did I forget to mention Giygas from EarthBound? Now that's an awesome villain.

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Liquid Ocelot.

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Evil Otto from Berzerk.

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My Top 3:




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@Nefarious said:

The Joker.

Even though he's a comic book villain primarily, originally, and first and foremost. :P

Best video game villains for me would have to be Ganondorf, the Covenant from HALO, Ridley, all the gym leaders from the old pokemon games (rock gym leader as the first gym leader in a game where you get an electric pokemon first? Lolhax)

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Moderator Online
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Cant believe no-one mentioned Shodan!

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@nickzambuto said:

That too.

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Bowser is by far the most iconic. Ganondorf is probably a distant second.

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Dr. Robotnik

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By far these 3 guys in gaming, hands down...

Shao Kahn:



@Bruxae said:

Cant believe no-one mentioned Shodan!

Looks like the dude from Lawnmower man lol

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Either Joker or Dr. Doom

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Lavos, from Chrono Trigger.

A neat alternate videogame villain (i.e. character who wasn't a villain, but would make an amazing villain), is Auron from FF10. He'd be like Wesker, only for FF10; calm, cool, badass, treacherous, uber powerful, makes people cower in fear on-demand, sleek hair...

EDIT: Turns out I already posted in this thread. Derp. I agree with my original post in here mostly, Ganondorf and Ridley are still some of my favorites, but Lavos is also one of my favorites. The Covenant don't really count I guess, they're an organization, and become allies later on, so they're kind of in the air.

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Dr. Robotnik

Darth Vader

The Joker


Albert Wesker


Hitler & the Nazis


Big Boss

Donker Kong



Shao Kahn

Theirs more but I'm lazy so......


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I say Bosser, but Shao Khan is cooler (+)
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M Bison

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Pyramid Head 

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Glados and Handsome Jack. Yes they're more recent but damn are they awesome villains.

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@Sideslash said:

@Aiden Cross said:

The Pac Man ghosts..... bastards....

The ghost are not the bad guys; Pac-Man is.

Also Turbo is another villain.

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Kain from Soul Reaver games, or the gods in God of War......

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King Kong.

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Golbez, GlaDOS and of course: Rattata.

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These guys come to mind...

Saren Arterius (Mass Effect)

The Illusive Man (Mass Effect)

The Arishok (Dragon Age II)

Sun Li (Jade Empire)

Haytham Kenway (Assassin's Creed III)

Dutch (Red Dead Redemption)

Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)

Hmmm, that all that come to mind currently...

EDIT: I forgot.... Ulysses (Fallout New Vegas)