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Man, this was Awesome. Especially the Ending...

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Just another day in Japan.

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A bunch of Mortal Kombat fans shed some tears today.

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Wow, I forgot how epic Power Rangers was. xD Tommy FTW!!! ^_^

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White Ranger is a beast! Deadpool vs Batman was cool, that Batman looked better than Bale. Thor vs Superman was a rip- off, but entertaining !

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Didn't even watch yet but knew Tommy would whoop that ***

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Scorpion should have won.

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This is how it should have gone down.

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You guys see the alternate ending?

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Owe another biased outcome fan vid, how drone. Next match pink ranger beats sub zero, bs ality!!

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Im too drunk...all I read was "White Power" Ranger, and not "White" Power Ranger. LOL, I apologize!

But to answer the question...i gotta say that Tommy wins! That dagger of his was flippping amazing!

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Meh. Lucky Shot.

Make it Green Ranger and it will be rape.

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Unexpected outcome.

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@cozydaprynce: agreed, normally scorpion would have fried his @ $$ lol but they had tommy actor so you knew the bias lol was coming

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This one was even more awesome!