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Poll: Which Sports Do You Watch? (Pick as many as you want) (34 votes)

American Football 50%
Australian Rules Football 0%
Baseball 12%
Basketball 29%
Boxing 41%
Cricket 3%
Cycling 0%
Formula 1 9%
Hockey 21%
Rugby 6%
Soccer/ Association Football 38%
Tennis 12%
Swimming 12%
Other 29%

So? Vote for as many sports as you watch, and maybe share with us which teams and players you like/follow.

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I ocassionaly watch football, basketball, and boxing, but I'm more into hockey (I'm Canadian). I don't have any teams I like in particular, but I tend to cheer for the Canadian teams.

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Basketball is my favorite to watch on TV, Baseball is my favorite to watch in person, and my overall favorite sport!

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Football and American Football

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Also, you forgot gaming... as it is considered a sport now...

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I'll watch the New Orleans Saints play, some of the World Cup, and pro skateboarding.......

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Like Basketball both watching and playing. Then comes Football and yes DA BEARS are winning the super bowl this year. I've also been following Boxing for the past 3-4 years and I can't wait till the Canelo vs Mayweather FIGHT. UFC is also cool.

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Ahmericuhn fewtbawl

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Hockey and MMA, only very rarely though.

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'merican Football

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I watch professional wrestling. I don't want to hear any arguments that it isn't a sport. Save that for another thread.

I don't watch any other sport much. I'll watch a game or two. I enjoy watching Basketball and Football on occasion. I prefer to watch Baseball live. I would watch Boxing or MMA but you need to pay. I only watch it when one of my friends buys PPV.

People tend to call me out for being a "fake fan", when I'm cheering as hard as I can for home teams because I'm not familiar with the players and other trivial information. Especially when it's a finals game and I'm all into it all of a sudden. It's true I do suddenly transform into the biggest fan.


Honestly, "I'm really not into sports but that's just where I'm from."


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WWE is the only sport I watch, and I only watch that because of the entertainment part. All other sports bore me, just a bunch of guys running up and down a field and/or court with a ball for hours on end.

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American football



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Football/Soccer - Arsenal

Boxing - Will watch most top draw world title fights.

F1 - Ferrari

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@warlock360: You take that back...I can always dream.

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In order of what I watch most




College football (don't really care for the NFL)

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Hockey and Real Football also known as Soccer. And some horse er.. trotting. Trav.. google V75

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I watch football (soccer) almost exclusively though if opportunity arises I will also watch boxing and MMA.

I haven't watched basketball since the Magic Johnson/ Larry Bird days ended and thuggery ascended.

Baseball is somewhat better than Ambien.

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American Football and Mixed Martial Arts.

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Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA.

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Most combat sports, athletics, basketball and soccer.

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MMA, Soccer and Tennis.

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The beautiful game, soccer (football) and because I pretty much am forced to - hockey.

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Boxing mainly. Though I am a fan of Basketball and Football (American)

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Football and.... WRESTLING!!!!

Not that fake WWE crap, real college wrestling.

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I used to follow quite a few sports, but a few have stuck.

I'm into football (soccer), and tennis mostly these days, but I've been big fans of baseball, basketball and F1