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Which of these two games do you think you will enjoy the most and why?

Grand theft auto 5


Watch Dogs

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Grand Theft Auto 5 IMO.

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Watch dogs looks cool and i'm definitely gonna get it but gta just looks so much better.

Have you seen all the gta 5 trailers? It looks like it's gonna be one of the greatest games ever made...

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I'm guessing GTA 5.

I'm more interested in Watch Dogs though.

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I hope they're both really good. I leaning more towards Watch Dogs. Does anyone think I should just get both or get WD only?

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I think watch dogs will be more detailed and refined but I also think it'll get boring after a while. Whereas with gta I'll still be playing that whe rockstar announces gta 6. But all in all both will be great fun. I think etch dogs will have better driving though

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Zoo Tycoon

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@sog7dc: yeah I agree. Watch Dogs will probably have better visuals too. But GTA V would be a lot more fun. I guess I got save $120...damn.

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GTA, obviously.

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Watch Dogs looks like it will be more interesting.

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GTA5 is tooOooOooooOo00000ZeroZeroOOOOO00oooo Hyped up Imo. I would watch a few gameplays before deciding.

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Watchdogs. No matter how many times they remake GTA it's just the same stuff with better graphics. Some of us will try to go through the whole story in a night but most of use are just going to wait for the cheat codes and take out our aggressions on an advanced computer program.

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Watch Dogs.

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Gra! I think WD looks good and so does GTA and I really like the crazy character, ummm Frank I think. Anyway yeah I don't know yet.

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Grand Theft Auto V.

Then again, Watch Dogs is looking really good. Dammit, we just have to wait and see.