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I know this might sound stupid but I'm curious. Since I been looking into trades and hardcovers for comics, I've been noticing some stories are collected into two volumes like The Sinestro Corps War or World's Most Wanted and Stark Reslient from the Invincible Iron Man series, the Dark Angel Saga, The Secret Invasion tie-in with the New Avengers, Batman Hush, the Black Ring, and the Winter Soldier story from Captain America.

Some of these stories were eventually collected into one volume such as: The Sinestro Corps War, Winter Soldier, Batman: Hush, and the New Avengers Secret Invasion tie-in. So is better to buy the volumes when they come out in trade or hardcover or wait who knows how long until they're eventually collected into one book? & if they do decide to release it one book do you buy it even though you already have the stories into two books?