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What do you guys think? I like the first one best, but I thought the third one was freaking awesome as well.

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since i havnt seen the fourth yet i would have to go by the 3 already done and i would go with the first since it got me into action movies and Bruce Willis is kickass also i enjyed the 3rd just cause Sam was in it

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Yeah I think 2 was the weakest, but it's still awesome. I haven't seen 4 yet either, but the trailer looked friking wicked.

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The first one. I havent seen the new one but the original was tight.

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Yippe-ki-ay, motherfker.

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Haven't seen 4, but I like 1 the best, followed by 3, then 2.

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Blue_Shield says:

"Haven't seen 4, but I like 1 the best, followed by 3, then 2."

Yeah same with me. I'm going out of my mind waiting for the 4th one.

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I've seen all of them. I'm quite the Die Hard fanatatic. I saw the 4th one opening night and here is where it stands in my ratings:


I really liked the third one by dar the best. I wish they had kept the alternate ending with the chinese rocket launcher.

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Sketchtor says:

"Yippe-ki-ay, motherf**ker."

My high school vise-principal looked like Bruce Willis. We even got him to say that. Oh, and dance around singing "I'm just a love machine, and I don't work for nobody but you..." like Bruce did on Friends.

And the first one was the best. Easily.

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i don't see what everyone has against the second one...

it was good... personally my rating goes as follows...



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The first one though Die Hard's got nothing on Hard Boiled.
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Die Hard ( the first film ) was indeed the best one