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Just Answer the question. :)

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Captain America. I wanna try toboganning on that vibration-absorbing shield!

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The most obvious answer here is Tony Stark

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Wally West (Flash)

Billy Batson (Captain Marvel)

Jaimes Reyes (Blue Beetle)

God (If he could give me immortality that would be great :P)

... (Rouflex)

Wellan d'Émeraude

Allen Walker

Luffy (If he doesnt touch my food/water/gifts/etc)

And a few more...

No order.

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm of course!

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Silver Surfer, I'd like to spend Xmas off the shoulder of Orion

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....Black Cat?

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Constantine. Be a good piss up just have to get outta there before some1 dies

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Thor, we could put up a tree in Asgard.

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Stephanie Brown and I would probably get along great.

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Rocket Racoon, he looks like a raging alcoholic.

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Nightmare Nurse!

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Zatanna, and no, this isn't a sex thing, she just seems like she'd have the most fun, it would be magical.

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Superman and the rest of the Kents. Those guys are the definitive American family to me, so Christmas with them would be the best.

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Definitely DOOP!!

He just looks like he knows how to party:-)

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Dick Grayson he's the kind of guy I would like to have as a friend

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@ostyo said:

@fallschirmjager: Not Aquaman!? Atlantis Xmas is the coolest!

...but I don't wana have sex with Aquaman

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@fallschirmjager: Well, that's probably a good thing. Those Atlantean gals though...

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Spider Jerusalem, then I'll never want to be with him again.

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Connor Hawke.

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Batman's Son... Damian Wayne...