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A place that you would love to live in. It can be fictional or real.

A plane, the Wayne mansion in DC, or your very own home right now. Can even be the void from Starcraft. ........Limitless.

See, I was thinking: Columbia

But, I read Aquaman's The Trench and changed my mind: Lighthouse

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Gotham City.

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Wonderland or some place that there's only flying bisons, cats, bats, dogs, some pigs, fishes, a platypus, a cow, some random stuff and lots of candy...that's it.

You said no limits...

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The 5th Dimension with the Imps... they seem to have a Pretty Cool Life IIRC.

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Mars is looking good!

The fictional one from Cowboy Bebop.

In the real world, I'd like to live in like some European country.

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Anywhere nice will do.

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1. Hawaii

2. Malta

3. Mallorca

4. Nova Scotia

5. Montreal

6. San Diego

These are all the places I would love to live in.

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In my head.

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New York City where everyone is nice, traffic flows perfectly, and everything is moderately priced. So in other words, a fictional New York.

EDIT: Also, everyone does well, and can afford to feed themselves. It's also quiet at night.

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I want to live in New York (as creative as that is). I really love the music scene there and I just like the overall feel of being so small in such a big place. I come from a small town so it's pretty much self-explanatory.

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I'd share a room with Wonder Woman.

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Real life: Smokey Mountains

Fictional: Asgard

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The other side of the rainbow.

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Real Life- England

Fictional- Hogwarts...which is in England...

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Winhill from Final Fantasy VIII.

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Duel Monsters Spirit World

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In Kazakhstan

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Always loved Cloud City.

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I'm cool right here. :]

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Had the good fortune of being able to visit quiet a few places round the globe & to be honest it would be split between 3 countries/cities as my ideal place to live throughout the year.

From June to september would be spent in Italy.

October to January in Thailand(few side trips to Lao/Cambodia/Vietnam)

& Febuary to May London England.

Fictional - Oz as in the Wizard of Oz.

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an apartment in Chicago

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Nowhere from comic books, I don't like to have my home destroyed every day..