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Currently i'm studying physics and Science to make the living better and exploring the universe.

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Welp I thought I would do this finally. I am 19 year old Freshman Studying Biology at The University of Toledo. I am originally from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. My family and I moved down to the states in the early 2,000's to small town Mount Vernon :p. Hoping to take biology and turn it into a career for Entomology (the study of insects for those that didn't know).

I love to read books, play pretty much any sport (mostly golf), love watching Hockey, and have recently been getting into comics, though I knew a lot of characters before I never had really been into them till now.

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I am a Freshman in high school in Virginia I run track and cross country for Smithfield high school

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college freshmen in MSU

obviously from MI

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I double posted, now you got a little more out of me, SMH!

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I'm Tom.

I'm 20.

I'm a stationary engineer for the 399 union.

I'm from Chicago, Illinois.

I go to community college lol

This is my favorite website on earth:D

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I'm from Chicago and I'm a student.

Nice to meet you all.

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i am from gotham and i protect the city against crime

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I'm 22, work as a delivery boy. Live in Koshigoya, Japan in the Saitama prefecture. Absolutely love this site, even though I'm never on it. I've been reading manga all my life. My major is Chemistry. My prized possesion is my Black Mag bike with that I've ridden for years now.

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I'm 16 I'm a Junior in HS I live in Webb City, MO and I make pizzas at Papa Murphy's. I recently started writing my own comics. :)

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i'm 11 and I am from Somalia but i live in UAE, I've been playing video games for 5 years. i'm a huge superhero fan and I've been a superhero fan since i was 2. I am also a really tech savvy guy and I usually make inventions etc and I'm really skilled in science and I'm quite athletic. I have started officially reading comics last year ( but i have read comics before last year but haven't officially started reading comics like I am now). my favourite superhero is batman and spiderman and my favourite villain is the joker and venom. I'm currently in sixth grade and i really like technology. i found out about comic vine about a year ago but didn't make an account until my friend from IGN told me about how awesome this site is. i'm also really good at writing stories.

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Hello 'Viners, I am 37 years old. I am a life long comic fan who tends to prefer street level crime fighters in the Batman/Captain America mold. Not to say I do not enjoy more super-powered characters at times, because I do. Just prefer my heroes to be characters I can relate to in some way.

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I'm James(but everyone calls me Scott or Scott Summers or just Summers cause i like Cyclops).

I'm from Flushing,New York.

I'm 13.

I'm a student.

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I am also James.

I am from Upstate New York

I'm 22

I'm currently jobless and going back to college in the fall for Game Design with a minor in Journalism.

I'm a huge gamer (more old than new but if a new game is actually good, I'll play it), I'm into anime, comics, music, sports (rare, I know), terrible puns, writing, self-deprecation, and tacos.

I only got into comics in the last couple years. I was always into the characters and stories but only recently invested the time to read up on said characters/stories and discover new ones.

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I'm Jacob T.

Really should have done this earlier



Like comics


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Larry Ash-

16. Still at school :)

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I'm awesome

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Greeley, Colorado.

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Country Peru , Age 29 , Job survey taker atm.

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I'm from Vermont and I don't really have a job right now. I do housekeeping at an inn near my home, but it's a seasonal part-time job, so I'm off for now. At home I like to make time reading books and comic books (obviously), workout to look hot, take photos of myself and nature, write about weird things, and sometimes draw if I'm in the mood.

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I'm from Neverland.

I do as I please.

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I'm from USS Jason Dunham DDG-109 GM Petty Officer 3rd Class

well originally CA, Cerritos

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I live in Illinois. Currently I'm a dishwasher for Steak'N Shake. Have a bachelor's of science degree in zoology and hope to use it to eventually get a job at a zoo.

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I am 23 Cerritos CA attending college also US Navy Veteran

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Where are you from?

Your mum's house.

What do you do?

Your mum.

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I'm 15, don't have a car, job, and still live with my parents... Love comics, have ever since i was little. I like books too, and Im a wide reciever on the fball team.

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I'm an inhabitant of a planet called Earth, I'm a human and I like to live.

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im a 26 year old microbiologist from portugal, living in UK. got in comics years ago thanks to batman and my sister being sick. he gave me hope and will to fight even if i was all alone. now im a batman lover, but also dr strange, magneto, iron man and batman family!!

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I am from Rossia, 23, and i'm student.

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High school student, currently an apprentice in teaching martial arts.

I wish I could be a movie director when I get older.

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Im sure out of everyone here im probably the odd one out, im a 24 year old i.t. engineer from the cradle of life ;) yeah Africa guys, im from South Africa, i've been into comics for as long as i can remember, as a child of the 90's i grew up on Spiderman, Transformers, Power Rangers, Batman: TAS........ and the like, im secretly a music producer & filmmaker in training. My life revolves around Technology, Music, Movies, Comics & a lot of other things (a lot of Gaming). Discovered ComicVine this year (yes im ashamed) but you guys are amazing, the discussions, the arguments & Batman!!

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I'm 22. From MA. Married to my husband for 4 years. He's a tattoo artist and I'm a stay at home mom to our 3 year old daughter. He favorite characters are spiderman, jubilee and wolverine. We're mostly Marvel over here obviously.

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@lazzyville: Just curious, but what's it like in South Africa? I've heard it's actually one of the better places to live in Africa, and I'm a fan of a quasi-celebrity from that area. Cape Town, to be exact.

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"My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents."

Just kidding, mostly.

Nah. Really about me, I'm 20 going on 21 and I currently attend college in Tennessee, though I was born in Georgia. I actually am unemployed, but I work for the school when I'm back there. I live in a dorm, but I'm hoping to move off campus in the next year or so if I can find another job or two.

During the Summer, I actually do live with my Mother while staying in my second hometown, but hopefully that changes in the next year. Currently studying Communications/Security and Intel and looking for jobs in that sector, but for now I'm a reporter at the school paper which is a fun job in itself.

I enjoy writing mostly, and I do a stand-up comedy routine at school which I'd like to do online at some point, along with some other projects, mostly revolving around getting to hear myself talk and entertaining people. I write stories in my free time and enjoy long walks and ice cream.

I like Marvel, but I'm a DC Guy at heart. My favorite Heroes being the Superman Family members, Red Hood, Red Robin, The Question, (Green) Arrow, Deathstroke, Batman II (Beyond,) Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Shazam, and Static, but there are a lot of others I enjoy and I'm always curious about new characters. I generally don't get to read many comics, not having enough for a subscription or living near a comic shop, but I try to keep up with the happenings of my favorites, and I'm a bit of an optimist.

One day, I hope to write my own comics.

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I'm 21 years old, I live in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. I'm currently going in to my last year of Instrumentation Engineering Technology, I'm in the Canadian Forces Reserves (Army branch), and I work at a local paintball field!

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I am from a place where my forum page gets hacked.

#1942 Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones (14551 posts) - - Show Bio

...I didn't write that last one.

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I'm 19.


Live in London (Fulham precisely).

University student currently studying Business.

Hand out leaflets as a part-time job whenever I'm active and have time to spare, either that or play Football (not American football)

Other times I roam on comicvine for entertainment, play Ps4 with family and friends or read comics online.

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Hong Kong

Missing in action student

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I'm 31 and trying my hardest to get out of the most boring state in america....Connecticut (no offense). I pretty much lived transformers as a kid and HATE the new movies and cried in the 80's one when prime "bit the dust". I am now the world's biggest Agent Venom fan. I love old skool anime (Ninja Scroll, Guyver, Fist of the North Star). I just went to my second Con event this past summer. If I was an X-Men i'd probably be Gambit since flirting comes natural to me lol. I work a dead end job at a really snobby restaurant that serves italian food and i'm also running two websites to make extra $$.

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I'm from and live in CT

I currently work Logistics and In-stocks at Target while finishing college.

#1947 Posted by BlackPookie (680 posts) - - Show Bio

im 26. Soon 27, portuguese. Working and living in UK as a microbiologist!

Always read comics since I was a little girl... but got into marvel and dc later..

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I'm Anderson.

I'm 24.

I'm a administrative assistant.

I'm from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

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First year law student from Alabama.

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I'm Payton, I'm 16. I'm from East Texas but currently am living in the greater Houston area. When I'm not reading comics, I'm generally doing school stuff, watching Netflix, playing Steam or looking at dumb stuff on the internet. I'm a pretty friendly guy and lurked on the Vine since I was around 12 and joined earlier this/last year, iirc. I'm pretty friendly so if anyone wants to chat I'm down.